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Welcome to Peak Scientific’s knowledge base

This part of our website is aimed at giving you practical advice about gas generation and also to provide you with in depth detail of the different gasses used in the lab and the practicalities surrounding them.

Peak’s Knowledge Base is a digital platform where you will be able to read short in-fotorials on current trends in analytical science and download more advanced technical articles by our team of technical writers and product specialists.

Those who have worked alongside our product specialists and technical writers have stated that our knowledge hub has helped them:

• Expand their knowledge of gas generation
• Increase their lab productivity
• Find practical solutions to problems
• Inspire innovation and new ideas
• Connect with peers and colleagues

This section of our website also provides you, the reader with case studies on ‘working labs’ that use Peak Scientific’s gas generators over other traditional gas methods. It also provides short testimonials on why Peak Scientific’s gas generators are more practical and more efficient than anything else on the market today.

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