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As an approved partner of PEAK Scientific, you have access to numerous benefits to support your efforts to showcase PEAK Scientific products to laboratories. The PEAK Partner Portal is where you can find the best contacts and the support available to you. 


Benefits of being a PEAK Partner

upgrade parts


Genuine PEAK parts shipped from our ISO 9001 accredited HQ, at discounted rates for authorized distributors.

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Receive world-class training on products & services from our experienced Peak team & industry leading experts.

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marketing support

Get support from PEAK gas generator experts whenever you need it, with round the clock access to PEAK's technical help desk.

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Marketing support from our team at PEAK HQ supplying product literature, images, videos, print and digital advertisements.

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ResourceSpace is PEAK's document archive, where you will find a broad range of materials such as service documents, sales aids, product images, brand logos, brochures, product information and more.

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Register Customer Warranty

As soon as the PEAK gas generator is installed, it is important for your customer to register their warranty. PEAK Scientific offer a fully comprehensive on-site warranty, meaning should your customer's generator develop a problem, we will arrange for a PEAK Certified Field Service Engineer to resolve the issue on-site and get them back up and running with minimal fuss and disruption.

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User Stories

User stories are a fantastic way to showcase a customer's positive experience using our generators and provide the opportunity to highlight your partnership with PEAK, as well as some promotion of the customers' research.

If you have the opportunity to get feedback from a customer, you can share our user story questions, which will provide the information we need to publish a story.

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