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Award winning laboratory gas generator service plans

  • On-site service & repairs
  • 72 hour global response rate, as fast as 24 hours in certain regions
  • 95% first time fix rate
  • Service performed by highly experienced Field Service Engineers
  • Dedicated PEAK parts for maximum performance

When you invest in a PEAK Scientific gas generator you buy more than just a product, the initial purchase is just the start of a lasting relationship with PEAK. What sets us apart from the competition, apart from our innovative gas technology, is the support we provide to our customers in the form of [Peak Protected] service plans.

A service plan for your PEAK Scientific gas generator should not be seen as just an option, it should be treated as a necessity. With many moving parts and wear and tear, especially where generators feature integrated compressors, as well as filters and other consumables, a gas generator needs to be maintained regularly to perform at its best for many years.

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The PEAK Scientific IQ/OQ certification is tailored to your specific gas generator and provides you with a cost-effective and efficient solution to achieve and maintain compliance.

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About [Peak Protected]

With over 150 dedicated service personnel located throughout the globe and our commitment to keeping your gas generator running day in, day out, a service plan from [Peak Protected] brings labs unrivaled peace of mind. 

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