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On-site gas generation for TOC analysis

PEAK Scientific’s TOC range of specialist generators have been designed specifically to supply clean, dry, carbon dioxide free air for Total Organic Carbon analyzers. Utilizing an external air supply, our TOC generators can deliver carrier or combustion gas.

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Precision Air Compressor

Engineered specifically to provide a fully integrated compressed air source for Precision Nitrogen generators and Precision Zero Air gas generators for GC.

Applications: TOC GC & GC-MS FT-IR

TOC 1000 gas generator

The TOC1000 has been engineered using the latest in PSA and air catalyst technology to supply clean, dry, CO2 and hydrocarbon-free air for Total Organic Carbon analyzers using combustion catalytic oxidation.

Applications: TOC

CG15L Zero Air Generator

The CG15L generates zero air by removing carbon dioxide and moisture from the air for applications requiring a higher performance.

Applications: TOC

Showing 3 of 3 results for TOC

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