Genius XE QSD Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen solutions for PerkinElmer LC-MS

Peak's team of gas generation experts have developed tailored solutions to meet the gas requirements of PerkinElmer instruments, including the Genius XE QSD nitrogen and air generator.

As the gas generator of choice for the world's leading instrument manufacturers for over two decades, Peak Scientific's gas generators have been designed & manufactured at Peak's ISO accredited manufacturing center of excellence, giving you confidence in your instrument gas supply and consistent results.

Discover Peak's nitrogen generators suitable for use with PerkinElmer LC-MS instruments, of varying flows and purities below.


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Genius XE QSD

Combining advanced technology with refined and robust engineering, Genius XE QSD provides a premium standalone nitrogen solution custom designed to meet the requirements of PerkinElmer QSight Dual Source LC-MS

Applications: LC-MS Sample Preparation

Infinity 1046 Nitrogen Generator

Generating up to 20 L/min nitrogen and 70 L/min dry air, the Infinity 1046 has been specifically designed to support the PerkinElmer QSight Triple Quad, whether single/dual source configuration.

Applications: LC-MS

Genius 1025 Nitrogen generator

The Genius 1025 was designed using membrane technology to produce high purity nitrogen with an internal air dryer to provide clean, dry air for LC/MS.

Applications: LC-MS

Infinity XE 501X Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Producing between 10-130 L/min of high quality, laboratory grade nitrogen gas, the Infinity XE 501X can comfortably supply multiple laboratory instruments.

Applications: LC-MS Sample Preparation CAD & ELSD

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