7th November 2022

Collision Gas Add-On now available to provide UHP nitrogen

Designed to supply LC/MS instruments with Ultra High Purity Nitrogen, the Collision Gas Add-On will offer dual purity nitrogen designed to be used predominantly for a collision cell.

Collision Gas Add-On sitting on top of PEAK Scientific's Genius XE35 nitrogen gas generatorPEAK Scientific's new Collision Gas Add-On with the Genius XE 35 nitrogen gas generator

The Collision Gas Add-On is a compact instrument which can sit on top of your existing PEAK gas generator such as the Genius XE 35 or Genius XE 70. The product has been designed to be used as an add-on to a parent generator and provides laboratories the option to upgrade their current system to one with dual purity.

In a move to provide a more sustainable option, the Collision Gas Add-On removes the need for cylinder use, which is the standard delivery method of UHP nitrogen in the lab, and instead allows labs to draw nitrogen from their existing Genius XE 35/70 nitrogen generator to supply up to 200cc/min of nitrogen to their collision cell at a purity of up to 99.999%.

Gregor Thompson, Product Manager at PEAK Scientific commented,

“PEAK Scientific is delighted to introduce the Collision Gas Add-On into the market which will streamline laboratory workflow while providing labs with even more independence by removing any reliance on UHP nitrogen cylinders.

We have been working to provide a solution for labs who need UHP nitrogen for the collision cell in a way that will have almost no impact on the lab. The Collision Gas Add-On can be installed on an existing PEAK Genius XE35 or Genius XE70 generator, meaning labs will experience minimum downtime during installation.

The added bonus is labs will not see a reduction in floorspace as the product is designed to sit on top of the Genius XE range of nitrogen gas generators.”

The Collision Gas Add-On comes with a two-year fully comprehensive warranty and any annual maintenance can be completed simultaneously with any existing PEAK nitrogen gas solutions – maximizing uptime in the lab.

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