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Peak Scientific offers a wide selection of hydrogen generators in Australia to meet your requirements for gas chromatography laboratory applications, providing a continuous supply of hydrogen gas of up to 99.9999% purity.

If you are looking to improve your hydrogen gas system in your lab in Australia, Peak Scientific’s hydrogen generators have the ideal solution for a cost effective, reliable and, most importantly, safe supply of hydrogen gas.


Having recently been introduced as a carrier gas alternative as sources of helium keep diminishing – the demand for hydrogen gas as a carrier gas for gas chromatography has increased. Traditionally sourced via a pressurized gas cylinder or dewar, the safety concerns and the long logistical planning associated with this type of supply as a substitute for helium is seeing many laboratories switch to hydrogen generators for their gas chromatography applications.

What hydrogen generators can offer is a guaranteed consistent delivery of hydrogen gas in safe quantities, and at a higher optimal velocity than helium, allowing faster sample analyses, enhancing your lab’s workflow.

Hydrogen Generator: Technology and Safety

Over the years, hydrogen generator technology has evolved and Peak’s range of hydrogen generator products is testament to the continued innovation into laboratory gas supply that Peak prides itself on. Sourced through the electrolysis of deionized water utilizing a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell, hydrogen gas can be supplied safely and conveniently to a lab’s GC.

What is more, considering the quantity of hydrogen gas produced by a hydrogen generator is very small, there are very little concerns for safety. In the event of a leak, Peak hydrogen generators come with enhanced standard safety features inbuilt, incorporating advanced warning and self-diagnostic systems. If a leak does occur, the hydrogen generator would bring hydrogen gas production to a halt whilst also alerting the user to the issue requiring resolution.

Gas Chromatography Hydrogen Generator Australia

Available in two models, the Precision Hydrogen generators are a safe and practical gas chromatography solution. The standard model is designed to provide detector gas for applications such as FID and FPD and is available in 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, 450cc and 1200cc/min. The trace model can deliver 250cc, 500cc or 1200cc/min of UHP hydrogen for both carrier and detector gas. Precision Hydrogen generators are capable of supplying multiple detectors and are available in various flow rates to ideally suit individual customers’ needs.

With a consistent flow guaranteed and safety features in place, hydrogen generators are the ideal alternative to helium gas for laboratories in Australia looking to switch to hydrogen gas for gas chromatography methods.

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