1st March 2018

i-FlowLab - A positive choice for Sealed Air Corporation

Scott Cobranchi, Executive Director of Shared Services at Sealed Air Corporation, an award-winning global packaging company which provides packaging for food and products, explains the benefits that have been brought to his organization by Peak’s i-FlowLab nitrogen generator.

Name: Scott Cobranchi

Company: Sealed Air Corporation

Job title: Executive Director Shared Services

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina



An i-FlowLab Nitrogen Generator


What is the nature of your business?

Historically, Sealed Air is primarily a packaging company focusing on food safety, protective and medical packaging. More recently we devote more resources to resource management for our customers.

What are your roles & responsibilities?

I am the Executive Director of Shared Services which is part of our R&D organization. I am responsible for approximately 75 scientists and technicians who provide technical support for the corporation.

Typically what areas of the business use nitrogen gas (i.e. what do you use your i-FlowLab generator for)?

For this particular application we are using the nitrogen generator in our new R&D facility in Charlotte, NC to provide gas to a number of chemical laboratories.

What prompted you to purchase an i-FlowLab gas generator?

There were a number of reasons. It was important to us to have our new corporate headquarters be LEED certified and we felt that the Peak i-FlowLab offered the best combination of minimal environmental impact while still providing a cost effective source for nitrogen gas.

How long has the i-FlowLab generator been supplying gas to your site?

Since the beginning of 2017.

Compared with your previous methods of nitrogen gas supply, what difference has the i-FlowLab made to the costs of using nitrogen for your company’s manufacturing processes?

Total costs are difficult to determine since I still have a team using the old liquid nitrogen system at one of my facilities. However, my total direct costs have been cut in half as a result of using the i-FlowLab at our new facility so the savings are significant.

Compared to your past methods of nitrogen gas supply, what has been your general experience of using & servicing the Peak Scientific i-FlowLab generator?

So far the i-FlowLab has been no more difficult to manage than our previous liquid nitrogen system. In fact, it has been easier since we no longer have to deal with weekly deliveries and billing. Service and reliability has not been an issue up to this point.

How do you feel Peak Scientific’s i-FlowLab generators can help you meet any future plans for expansion?

Being a large R&D facility, it is important that we have the ability to scale our system to future needs. During the design phase of our project, we felt the i-FlowLab offered that option no matter what our needs.

How would you recommend Peak Scientific’s i-FlowLab generators, in terms of being an end-to-end solution to other industries and what key benefits would you highlight from your experience?

I would strongly recommend the i-FlowLab to just about any industry that needs a pure, reliable source of nitrogen. The system has a small carbon footprint, is reliable, compact and can be easily installed in a mechanical room inside a facility.


Scott has had a very positive experience since the i-FlowLab nitrogen generator was installed at Sealed Air Corporation’s new headquarters. In particular, he highlights the i-FlowLab’s green credentials with its small carbon footprint, its cost effectiveness – stating that nitrogen ‘costs have been cut in half as a result of using the i-FlowLab’ compared to the old liquid nitrogen systems used in their other chemical laboratories - and the convenience of no longer having to deal with weekly cylinder deliveries and billing. I-FlowLab provides a total laboratory solution for on-site generation of nitrogen gas for chemical laboratories, delivering a continuous and consistent supply of high-purity nitrogen. Engineered around PSA technology, i-FlowLab is available in various pre-configured specifications to suit specific flow and purity demands.

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Peak's i-FlowLab generator has an equivalent nitrogen gas generator for industrial applications such as Modified Atmosphere Packaging click here for more information.

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