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Scalable on-site Nitrogen Gas Generation for Laboratories

i-FlowLab is a scalable nitrogen gas generation system, capable of producing a continuous & stable supply of ultra-high purity nitrogen gas to meet the full demands of a lab’s analysis and combined laboratory instrumentation, such as LC-MS, Gloveboxes, Sample Preparation, NMR Spectroscopy and Fume Hoods.

Harnessing the latest Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) & gas purification technologies, i-FlowLab is the most cost effective, energy efficient and reliable gas generation solution available on the market. It can deliver nitrogen at a wide range of purities (up to 99.9995% or 5 ppm oxygen) and flow rates (ranging from 30 to over 4000 L/min); all of which can be pre-configured to suit the varying needs of a research facility.


i-FlowLab Nitrogen gas generator

Designed & manufactured in Peak’s UK based ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility, i-FlowLab is precision engineered to meet the highest quality standards – this not only ensures unrivalled robustness but also superior performance over the generator’s lifespan.

Key Features:
• Convenient & reliable supply of nitrogen gas, available on-demand;
• Consistent, stable flow & purity of nitrogen for laboratory applications;
• Highly cost effective alternative to cylinder or bulk supply methods;
• Sustainable source of instrument gas, eliminates need for ongoing resupply purchase;
• Expandable & scalable N2 production capacity, offering greater operational flexibility & future-proofing;
• Innovative ‘Eco-mode’ that automatically manages production & energy consumption, based on daily application demands;
• Safest method of gas supply, eliminates need for Health & Safety training and manual handling of pressurised cylinders/tanks.

For laboratories that are still reliant on high pressure gas cylinders for supply of nitrogen to mass spectrometers and other gas hungry instruments, Peak Scientific’s i-FlowLab offers a more cost effective, convenient and sustainable alternative. Below are just some applications where i-FlowLab can help maximise productivity & streamline workflow:

LC/MS – The majority of LC-MS instruments tend to be gas hungry. i-FlowLab is capable of producing high volumes of nitrogen gas to meet the demands of several analyses running simultaneously, serving as a single source of supply for multiple LC-MS instruments.

Gloveboxes – Working with hazardous substances, such as infectious diseases or radioactive materials, often requires the use of gloveboxes with an inert, oxygen-free environment. i-FlowLab can effectively meet the nitrogen gas supply needs of multiple gloveboxes.

Sample Evaporators – Depending on workflow requirements, evaporators can often consume large quantities of nitrogen when preparing compounds for further analysis. i-FlowLab can be easily configured to supply high quality nitrogen gas to several evaporators, whilst also meeting the demands of other gas hungry instruments throughout the lab.

Fume Hoods – Built-in nitrogen gas taps give laboratories the flexibility to perform analyses & use instruments within controlled environments. i-FlowLab is ideal for ensuring a consistent & stable supply of nitrogen gas is readily available for multiple applications.

NMR Spectroscopy – Given the large volumes of nitrogen consumed at various processes of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, i-FlowLab can offer a consistent nitrogen supply for this analysis technique.

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Offering laboratories a convenient, reliable & safe supply for facilities with high flow/high purity gas requirements, i-FlowLab is a total on-site nitrogen solution, which is available on demand and effectively replaces the need for bulk purchase of cylinders or dewars, delivering cost savings in the medium to long term.

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Nathaniel Martin - 24/01/2018 20:24
Dear sir/madame,
I would like to get some information about the possibility of using a nitrogen generator to supply N2 for equipment (i.e. LCMS) and fumehoods. Please email me so we can set up a phone call to discuss the options available.
Thanks and best regards,
Nathaniel Martin
Bruce Peat - 25/01/2018 07:34
Dear Nathaniel,

Thank you for your comment. We can certainly help you with your lab gas requirements. A member of the Peak team local to you will be in contact shortly to give you the information you need.

Kind Regards,

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