2nd April 2018

Why was the name 'i-FlowLab' chosen for our scalable nitrogen generator?

Our i-FlowLab nitrogen generators provide a total laboratory solution for on-site generation of nitrogen gas. 

They deliver a continuous and consistent supply of high-purity nitrogen at the required pressure and flow rates to meet the full and varying demands of your laboratory or research facility, including Sample Evaporation, ICP, ELSD, CO2 Analyzers, FT-IR, TOC, GC and LC-MS.


PEAK's i-FlowLab Nitrogen Generator

A scalable i-FlowLab Nitrogen gas generation system

A modular and scalable system, i-FlowLab is a future-proof nitrogen solution for your lab as it will always be able to adapt to your nitrogen requirements, even if they increase. Engineered around PSA technology, i-FlowLab is available in various pre-configured specifications to suit specific flow and purity demands.

As i-FlowLab is capable of continually adapting to meet your changing nitrogen demands, we think of it as an intelligent system with an adjustable flow for your laboratory requirements, so the name i-FlowLab just made sense!


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