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Our Story

Peak Scientific is a family owned business and, as such, people are at the core of our unique product offering. Each generator is designed, assembled, tested, maintained and serviced by highly trained and dedicated professionals. The importance placed on people at Peak Scientific is consistent throughout our organization, it is the reason why we are committed to on-going staff training and a policy of continual improvement in our engineering, manufacturing and field service capabilities - delivered by over 500 employees worldwide.

Our Mission, Values and Vision are structured around our Colleagues, our Customers and our Service, while our approach and atmosphere within the business is fun, friendly and informal, we place importance upon maintaining a high degree of professionalism. We operate in an industry where competition is intense; it is a fast moving environment that stretches our talents and ingenuity. We pride ourselves on the personable relationships we have with our customers, it is just one of the many reasons why people enjoy, and continue, doing business with us.

Peak performers: our world-class product platforms

Four distinct product series define our core offering to the analytical laboratory market.

Our best-selling Genius series, designed mainly for LC-MS applications, is a self-contained system featuring integrated compressors, delivering laboratory-grade nitrogen at various pressures and flow rates required by a wide variety of analytical instruments.

The proven Infinity series of nitrogen gas generators are silent-running compressor-free systems for laboratories with an in-house supply of clean, dry air - delivering nitrogen at a range of flow rates including models to satisfy more demanding applications such as sample evaporation, glove boxes or supplying multiple LC-MS.

For higher flow, high purity needs, our innovative i-FlowLab technology is designed to meet the total demand for nitrogen gas that a facility may have, all in one expandable installed solution that can be easily scaled up as your needs grow.

Engineered specifically to meet the needs of Gas Chromatography our cutting-edge Precision series is a modular system consisting of high-purity nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air generators that can be combined into a compact stack tailored to your needs.

Protecting your productivity

At the core of everything we do is long-term customer satisfaction. Beyond designing and manufacturing the world’s best gas generators is our commitment to maintaining their performance in your laboratory. We view your Peak gas generator as the beating heart of your laboratory, providing gas to your instruments and other processes. As such, all of our generators are backed up by a 12 month warranty providing you with peace of mind.

This is enhanced by our world-class Peak Protected generator care, providing preventative maintenance, priority breakdown cover and on-going product upgrades. This ensures unhindered productivity and hassle-free, long lifetime operation. The quality of our service is assured the world over with a local, direct Peak presence in over 20 countries. This is why our service is regarded as exceptional within the gas generator marketplace.

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