Peak Scientific IQ OQ

Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification IQ/OQ


PEAK Scientific’s IQ/OQ is tailored to your specific generator

Generator compliance certification for regulated applications

Carried out at initial installation equipment relocation

Completed on-site by your local Peak Engineer at a time that suits you


We understand the increasing need for validation and regulatory compliance. With customer service and support at the very core of everything we do, we have developed a comprehensive Installation and Operational Qualification certification, for customers who require this additional certified assurance for their analytical applications.


The PEAK Scientific IQ/OQ certification is tailored to your specific gas generator and provides, you with a cost-effective and efficient solution to achieve and maintain compliance. In addition to our highly trained Service Engineer completing the Installation and Operational validation, we will also provide full certification to document this process, ensuring accurate proof of compliance.

What is Installation Qualification (IQ)?

IQ is the pre-installation detail of the equipment, its component parts and its location onsite. Its main aim is to identify if the gas generator is fit for specific purpose and to prove and certify that it can perform its intended function to the expected and required standard.

What is Operational Qualification (OQ)?

Once the gas generator has been installed, your Service Engineer can complete an Operational Qualification to verify that the equipment functions according to the generator’s specifications. The Service Engineer is able to verify the performance criteria of the instrument outlined by Peak Scientific and confirm the instrument satisfies its agreed metrics.

IQ /OQ Process Flow

When should I carry out an OQ?

PEAK Scientific would recommend an OQ certification is performed at the following times:

• Equipment installation or relocation of the gas generator
• On a periodic basis in accordance with your standard operating procedures
• After a major repair
• Before a previously installed system is to be used in a regulated test environment for the first time

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