Application Types LC-MS, GC & GC-MS, ICP-MS, FT-IR, MP-AES, CAD & ELSD, Sample Preparation

Part number: 20-6011

Status Discontinued i

Integrated compressor No

i-FlowLab 6XX1 nitrogen generator

i-FlowLab is a total laboratory on-site nitrogen gas solution for customers with high flow demands or high purity applications and is capable of delivering a consistent & reliable supply of gas on-demand.  

Engineered based on robust PSA technology, i-FlowLab 6XX1 nitrogen generators are available in over 100 pre-configured specifications, designed to suit the full and varying demands of your facility, with flow rates ranging from 116-4253 L/min at purities up to 99.5%.

Modular & scalable, i-FlowLab is designed as a future-proof solution, with the ability to be expanded retrospectively, with the addition of CMS columns, in order to increase capacity and accommodate future growth in requirements.

i-FlowLab is an ideal complete laboratory solution for multiple applications, such as LC-MS, Sample Preparation, Gloveboxes and many more.

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  • Cost effective, total laboratory nitrogen gas supply solution
  • Consistent & reliable, always available on-demand to meet application needs
  • Energy efficient, with low ongoing running costs & minimal maintenance
  • Scalable & future-proof design, with ability to expand capacity by adding more CMS columns
  • Safe and convenient, no more manual handling or on-site health & safety concerns
  • Verified industry standards compliance (EIGA, European Pharmacopoeia, JECFA & US FDA)
  • Build-in oxygen analyzer, for continuous, real time monitoring of nitrogen purity & quality
  • Optional purity safeguard, auto-bypass feature for purity critical applications
  • Take complete control of your costs & nitrogen gas requirements, by bringing your supply in-house
  • Eliminate the need for gas cylinders, LN2 dewars /micro-bulk deliveries or large bulk liquid trucking
  • Reduce your on-site carbon footprint & become a self-reliant and sustainable operation


Gas Type: Nitrogen

Min Gas Flow: 116L/min

Max Gas Flow: 4253L/min

Max Output Pressure: 130psi/9bar

Max Purity: 99.5%

Site & Installation

Max Inlet Pressure: 145psi/10bar

Min Air Inlet Flow: Dependent on required flow rate

Min Inlet Air Quality: ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 1.4.1

Start Up Time: Dependent on model

Power Consumption: 250 Watts

Voltage: 100-230 ± 10% VAC

Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Current: 2.0-1.0 Amp

Max Operating Temp: 50°C / 122°F

Particles: <0.01µm

Noise Level: 59dBa @1m

Accreditations: CSA, CE

Dimensions & weight

Iflow Lab Dimensions

Size (HxWxD) mm: 1738 x 500 x 760 mm

Size (HxWxD) Inches: 68.4 x 19.7 x 29.9 inches

Generator Weight: 197kg / 433.4lbs

Service Requirements

Annual maintenance

Annual O2 analyzer calibration (optional)

Replace O2 analyzer every 4 years


Expand to meet demand: i-Flow Lab can be expanded to include up to 10 banks. Each bank is 160mm (6.3") and total depth of a 10 bank system including the i-FlowLab system is 2200mm (86.61").

i-FlowLab Reviews


Joseph Robinson - Nurix, Inc.

"Unbelievably dependable system, operating within a consistent range of pressure and purity that supports all of our scientific lab operations."

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