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Marketing Support for PEAK Partners

As a valued PEAK Partner, you have a range of marketing support available to you. PEAK can provide support with marketing materials such as, images, videos, email campaigns, exhibitions, advertisements etc.

Below are some examples of the type of marketing support available to our partners.



Partner logo on
product catalogue

Partner logo on
exhibition stands

product catalogue distributors


exhibitions distributors


Partner logo on email campaigns

Partner logo on flyers

distributor mailers distributor upgrade flyer

The above are examples of just some of the marketing support available to our PEAK Partners. If you want to speak to us about a specific campaign or promotion, please get in touch and we can discuss.


User Stories

A great way to promote our partners and highlight positive experiences had by customers, is through user stories.

- Presence of your brand on PEAK website, receiving over 33k visits per month

- Regular promotion of your company across our social media to our 43k subscribers

- Special feature in monthly email campaigns to our 30k subscribers

- Showcase your sales and service expertise to your market

- Customer testimony helping you to sell more products

User Story Questions

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Looking for marketing support?

Contact us to discover the range of marketing support available to you as a PEAK Partner.

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