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Why a gas generator?

Why a gas generator?

An on-site gas generator from Peak Scientific is the practical and cost-effective alternative to pressurized gas cylinders, dewars or bulk storage of laboratory gas. Traditional sources of gas, for example nitrogen or hydrogen, incur on-going delivery, administrative and rental costs, all of which impact on business revenue or facility budgets. A Peak generator provides you with a dependable, easy to use on-demand gas solution without any of the safety concerns or practical considerations highlighted below. What’s more, while the price of delivered gas is subject to volatility as well as delivery delays, a generator from Peak Scientific represents a stable and dependable long-term investment.

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Gas on-demand, no cylinders to change or maintain supply stocks

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Consistent gas quality and supply, no impurities or running out of gas

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Eliminate on-going costs of cylinders, manage lifetime running costs

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No pressurized compressed gas cylinders in your lab

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No repeated gas deliveries, energy efficient

Comprehensive on-site warranty & service contracts


- Gas Generator Gas Cylinder

Produce gas on demand with consistent purity

Compact stackable solution available providing up to 3 gases (Precision Series)

Once installed, the system needs only infrequent maintenance

Cylinder must be monitored to avoid running out of gas

Difficult to manoeuvre and requires frequent handling

A large cylinder bank or dewar can take up valuable work space

Depending on usage, cylinders can require frequent changeovers


Consistent purity

Inconsistent purity from cylinder to cylinder


Fast payback/return on investment

Low ongoing costs

24/7 gas production

Increasing delivery and rental costs year-on-year

Instrument down-time during cylinder changeovers

Can run out at inconvenient times


Minimal gas storage volume

Low pressure storage

Health and safety risk during transportation and handling

Gas stored at high pressures in large volumes potential for undetected leaks from pipework from cylinder banks


No more deliveries or collections

Energy efficient

Reduced carbon footprint

High energy requirements for compression and purification of gas

Cylinders must be transported, often long distances by road


Green Solution

While the economic benefits of investing in a gas generator are easy to appreciate (especially from the point of view of the lab manager!) there is also a genuine environmental benefit. Consider the carbon footprint of a pressurized cylinder of gas, delivered from depot to your laboratory then collected again for refilling before resuming the cycle. Depending on geography, that could be substantial transportation distances, not to mention the energy consumption involved in industrial gas manufacture and processing. Engineered with energy efficiency in mind, a Peak Scientific gas generator offers a far more environmentally sustainable source of laboratory gas over its lifetime.

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