The Infinity XE series for Labs

  • Flow rates ranging from 10-500 L/min
  • N2 purities ranging from 95-99.5% dependent upon inlet pressure
  • Variable flow rate in relation to purity
  • High purity nitrogen suitable for a wide range of laboroatory applications
  • Factory-set specifically for LC-MS only applications (Infinity XE 50X0 models)
  • Purity safeguard, warning & auto-shutdown for Infinity XE 50X1 models
  • Energy efficient eco-mode ensures low running cost
  • Built upon tried & tested membrane technology
  • Engineered and built in the UK to accredited standards, CE/ FCC certified
  • 30% smaller than predecessor units
  • User friendly, easy to operate & maintain
  • Low noise and minimal vibration
  • No moving parts, highly robust solution
  • Industry-leading [Peak Protected] after-sales service options available

Why Infinity XE? 

The Infinity XE 50 series of compressorless laboratory nitrogen generators, utilize Peak’s custom-designed membrane technology to deliver up to 500 L/min of high purity nitrogen for multiple laboratory instruments.

Available in two variants, the 50X0 models have been factory-set to deliver nitrogen specifically for LC-MS instruments whilst the 50X1 models have an adjustable purity (up to 99.5%) determined by the inlet pressure and gas flow required to deliver laboratory grade gas to multiple nitrogen dependent instruments in the lab.

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