Precision Hydrogen SL Hydrogen Generator

Precision Hydrogen SL - Smaller. Simpler. Safer

Streamline your GC with Precision SL hydrogen generator

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The smallest laboratory-grade hydrogen generator in its class, Precision SL produces hydrogen gas at the push of a button. Simple to operate and maintain, featuring advanced fail-safe technology, Precision SL is the safer way of supplying hydrogen for your GC detector flame.

Streamline your GC workflow with Precision SL

A cost-effective, reliable and efficient alternative for GC, Precision SL removes inefficiency from GC detector gas supply. Maximize uptime with Precision SL.

Available in both 100 and 200cc models, Precision SL is the smallest laboratory hydrogen generator in its class, minimizing space required for GC detector gas.

Produce hydrogen gas at the push of a button. With only simple user maintenance required (under 60 seconds), look forward to constant GC flame detector gas.

Uncompromised safety in your lab. Unlike pressurized cylinders, gas is generated on-demand with minimal gas stored plus advanced fail-safe technology.

Produce your own H2 gas supply and reduce Covid-19 contact transmission risks with user-friendly maintenance and no more gas cylinder deliveries.

Key Features

  • 2 models – 100cc and 200cc
  • 99.9995% purity @ 100 psi
  • One-button start-up and shutdown
  • Easy end-user managed servicing
  • Optional auto-water fill or pressurized water fill
  • Auto-shutdown fail-safe feature
  • CE, FCC and CSA compliant
  • compliant
  • 2 year comprehensive warranty
  • Available in black or white
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Precision Hydrogen SL

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