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As a lab professional, you want your work to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. That’s why choosing more sustainable and environmentally friendly lab equipment is a priority, not just for cost savings, but also for your own work community to promote ‘green’ conscious practices that help safeguard our environment. While some waste and consumption are unavoidable, working with a Peak gas generator in your lab can be the small change that makes the big difference for our planet.


No repeated deliveries

Once a Peak gas generator makes it to your lab, it will stay in your lab. Unlike gas supplied via pressurized cylinders or dewars with recurring transportation for multiple deliveries, you can reduce your lab’s overall carbon footprint with a Peak gas generator, only requiring a one-time delivery for installation. Labs requiring 32 L/min of nitrogen for 5 days a week for 8 hours a day for their LC-MS instrument can save on approximately 450 cylinders requiring delivery per year with a nitrogen generator. Labs requiring helium gas for their GC instrument to meet 1LPM demand for a lab operating 12 hours per day, 23 days per month can save on 24 cylinders requiring delivery per year with a hydrogen generator. In eliminating all these deliveries with your Peak gas generator up and running, you no longer have to worry about those repeated bulk gas deliveries and the impact they have on environment.

On-demand, no gas waste

One of the main reasons why a gas generator is more sustainable than bulk gas supply is because the amount of gas produced will match your instrument need. This means gas which was paid for will not go unused due to differential pressure. You also won’t need to be concerned about cylinder contaminants that may interfere with your gas purity. Instead, with a gas generator, your gas will be generated on-demand with consistent levels of purity for the best results without any waste.


Renewable resources

A Peak gas generator uses renewable resources to produce the gas required for your analysis. Unlike gas cylinders, where gases - such as helium or nitrogen - are extracted through energy-intensive processes, a gas generator produces nitrogen from air and hydrogen from de-ionized water – two renewable resources free from the energy consumption required in industrial gas manufacture, and therefore more sustainable long-term.

Green Practices

As a global business, we are committed to implementing green practices in both our manufacturing facility and our offices across the globe. At Peak Scientific, we work together to adopt sustainable manufacturing practices such as waste prevention measures in production and using recyclable materials and packaging where possible. On an individual level, our people are committed to office recycling and plastic reduction, working together to maintain an eco-friendly working environment.


If your lab is looking to invest in an in-house gas generator for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lab practices without compromising your workflow, get in touch with us today.


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