11th May 2023

Modern Canna Labs put their trust in PEAK’s nitrogen generators

Modern Canna Labs is considered Florida's first medical cannabis testing laboratory and is the only Leafly certified lab partner in the eastern United States.

With a vision to becoming the most trusted cannabis testing lab in the United States, each Certificate of Analysis (COA) issued by Modern Canna displays verifiable, reproducible, and legally defensible results. To ensure accuracy, Modern Canna utilizes advanced technology and cutting-edge instruments when testing cannabis.

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We spoke with Wyatt Bergel and Brian Leapard to find out how their PEAK nitrogen gas generators are integrated into their analysis and how Modern Canna Labs’ experience with PEAK Scientific has been as a whole.

Typically what is the focus of your LC-MS analysis - what sort of applications?

We use LC-MSMS to detect agricultural agents and mycotoxins in cannabis. We test for 72 different pesticides and 5 mycotoxins across three different cannabis matrices (Derivatives, Edibles and Flower). We test a wide range of cannabis products to ensure consumer safety for the medicinal cannabis program in the state of Florida.

What PEAK Scientific generators do you have in your laboratory and what LC-MS instruments do they supply?

We have the Genius XE35 and the Genius NM32LA and have been pursuing a house nitrogen system that uses an Infinity XE60. These supply nitrogen to our Agilent 6470 LC-MSMS for the drying and sheath gas for the Agilent Jet Stream Electrospray Ionization source.

What prompted you to choose a PEAK generator for LC-MS and how long have you used it?

PEAK came highly recommended by Agilent as an easy to use, robust solution to supply drying gas for LCMS instrumentation. We purchased our first nitrogen generator in 2019 and have been using it for four years. We have purchased three additional nitrogen generators from PEAK Scientific since 2019 and have used each of them for several years.

What has been the key benefit of deploying PEAK generators for LC-MS as opposed to your previous gas supply solution?

We haven't used any other providers but the nitrogen generators we have used have been very reliable and have required very little maintenance.

Would you recommend PEAK Scientific generators to other laboratories - and if so, what would be your main reason for the recommendation?

I would recommend PEAK Scientific to other laboratories as they provide easy to use nitrogen generators that are very rugged and reliable. PEAK Scientific also provides great technical support and onsite service.

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Supplying nitrogen to your lab with PEAK solutions

The team at Modern Canna Labs have a range of PEAK nitrogen generators and are even looking at expanding the range they use in their analysis. The Genius NM32LA, Genius XE35 and Infinity XE 60 are three nitrogen generators that can offer different benefits to your lab depending on your specific  requirements.


NM32LA nitrogen gas generatorPEAK Scientific's Genius NM32LA N2 gas generator

The Genius NM32LA is one of the flagship nitrogen generators from PEAK Scientific and has been a staple in thousand of labs around the world. Built to last, with minimal maintenance required, Modern Canna Labs are just one of the many customers who have relied on their nitrogen being supplied by the NM32LA. This reliability has been recognized by Select Science awarding the NM32LA the Silver Seal of Approval based on feedback from our customers. 

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Genius XE 35

PEAK Scientific Genius XE 35 n2 gas generatorPEAK Scientific's Genius XE 35 N2 gas generator

The Genius XE 35 was created having built on all the knowledge gained from previous nitrogen gas solutions.

With instruments becoming increasingly sensitive, the Genius XE has been manufactured to supply clean, high-purity nitrogen which can give labs the greatest confidence in their results. Given the team at Modern Canna Labs expect to be able to produce verifiable, reproducible and legally-defensible results through their Certificate of Analysis, the Genius XE is perfectly placed to help to achieve these goals.

Infinity XE 60

Peak Scientific Infinity XE 60 N2 gas generatorPEAK Scientific's Infinity XE 60 N2 gas generator

The Infinity XE 60 is one of our largest generators when it comes to nitrogen flow rates for laboratories, being able to produce up to 500 liters per minute of nitrogen to your instruments. The Infinity XE 60 includes Intelligent Membrane Management  (IMM) which optimizes air consumption depending on set purity, pressure, flow and nitrogen demands.

With IMM this can help labs to reduce maintenance requirements due to the small number of moving parts and IMM having less of an impact on the external compressed air solution. IMM optimizes air demand and flow from you compressor, minimizing wear and tear on your external compressor which, in turn, reduces maintenance bills, longer life of the compressor and less disruption to your lab from unplanned compressor downtime.

Power consumption is also optimized by IMM as the compressor is not working any harder than it needs to, keeping your energy bills down and reducing your lab’s carbon footprint.

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At PEAK, we believe service should be seen as a necessity rather than just an option. When you consider service to be imperative you are safeguarding your lab from unexpected downtime, but with [PEAK Protected], in the unlikely event you are caught unaware, we will always be here to support you on the web, on the phone, or in your lab.

If your lab needs a gas solution for cannabis testing, PEAK Scientific’s range of in-house gas generators has you covered. Whether it’s nitrogen for LC-MS or hydrogen for GC, we have an option to suit all your cannabis analysis requirements.

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