5th December 2018

Why the water bottle on your hydrogen generator is not transparent

It would be easier to check the level of water in your hydrogen generator's water bottle if it were transparent, but there is a very good reason why it's not.

PEAK Scientific hydrogen generators generate hydrogen via electrolysis. Electricity is provided to a proton exchange membrane cell within the hydrogen generator to split deionized water, into oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen and hydrogen are successfully separated because the proton exchange membrane is impermeable to oxygen anions but is permeable to hydrogen ions. The oxygen is then expelled while the hydrogen is supplied to your instrument. 

To supply your hydrogen generator with deionized water which can be split into hydrogen and oxygen, an external refillable water bottle is connected to the generator. All water bottles supplied by PEAK for this purpose are dark in color by design, as a dark water bottle will prevent biological growth. Although the dark design of the water bottle will help to prevent biological growth we still recommend that you check the water quality weekly to prevent biological growth developing in the tank and tubing. Ensuring biological growth does not occur will prolong the life of your hydrogen generator.

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You can learn more about hydrogen generators and how they work in our short video below.



At PEAK Scientific we manufacture hydrogen gas generators for Gas Chromatography and ICP.


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