5th March 2018

What's so precise about the Precision Series?

The best results are usually achieved with precision, something PEAK recognized when creating our Precision series of  laboratory gas generators.

Precision series

Precision gas generators are stackable so you can create your ideal GC gas solution

Specifically designed and engineered for GC applications, the Precision Series represents the cutting-edge of PEAK Scientific innovation in robust and dependable gas generator design. Combining convenience and reliability in a stackable and modular design, Precision is the safe and practical GC gas solution for hydrogen gas and nitrogen gas in your lab.

The key to Precision is the flexibility it gives in specifying models best suited to your application. The Precision nitrogen and hydrogen on-site generators are available in two variants — Standard and Trace laboratory grades. Recommendation of the correct model depends on the use of the product. For most GC detectors, the standard grade purity is sufficient to supply fuel gas for Flame Ionization Detectors (FID) or Flame Photometric Detectors (FPD). For carrier gas use, however, the Hydrogen Trace generators are recommended to ensure the lowest possible baseline and precision in your results.

The Precision Nitrogen Standard generators can provide the purity and flow rate required to supply make up gas to multiple detectors whilst the Precision Nitrogen Trace models can supply carrier gas or make up gas for labs who use nitrogen carrier gas for their GC analysis. Labs can also include a Precision Zero Air generator as part of their stack to provide flame support gas.

As this series has been specifically designed to provide precisely what your application requires, the name 'Precision' was the natural choice.

If you are interested in creating the perfect GC gas solution for your individual requirements, try our GC gas calculator which will quickly specify an optimal Precision gas generator stack solution for you.

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