Bruce Peat

22nd April 2019

Wondering how long your gas generator will be supported, or how long spare parts will be available for it? Learn everything you need to know about the lifecycle of your gas generator here.

The Lifecycle of a Peak Scientific Gas Generator

When you purchase a gas generator from Peak Scientific you can be confident that it will continue to deliver your gas supply for years to come. Although time and technology will move on, your Peak gas generator will continue to provide the consistent quality and purity of gas that you require of it, as long as it is properly maintained.

In order to continue to meet the needs of the latest analytical techniques and instruments, Peak Scientific is restless in our development of new technology and new gas generators. Naturally, there comes a time for a product to be discontinued to make way for a new, improved one which can keep up with your evolving gas needs.

To give you peace of mind when you purchase a gas generator we wanted to make the lifecycle of a Peak Scientific gas generator clear to our customers, so at any given time you will know how you can factor your current gas generator into the future plans of your lab.

Manufacturing Phase

(5-8 years) When a Peak gas generator is first launched this is the beginning of it’s manufacturing phase, the period during which we are manufacturing these generators to be sold. At Peak this period is usually a minimum of 5 years, and can last up to 8 years. At least 6 months before the completion of the Manufacturing Phase, we will issue a Planned Discontinuation Notice to inform our customers that we will soon be ceasing to manufacture a particular gas generator.

Nitrogen generators and hydrogen generators

Latest generation Peak Scientific gas generators

Discontinuation Phase

(Minimum 5 years) Once Peak has stopped manufacturing a gas generator we will guarantee full support for customers who have that generator for a minimum of a further 5 years. During this period customers can expect full service support and any spares parts required will be available. Service contracts for discontinued generators are still available until 12 months before the end of the Discontinuation Phase.


The now discontinued NM30LA nitrogen generator

Retirement Phase

(Minimum 1 year) After the Discontinuation Phase the gas generator will enter its Retirement Phase, which usually last 12 months. During the Retirement Phase Peak will make ‘best efforts’ to provide support for retired generators. This means that as long as the required replacement parts are available for the retired generator, we will continue to support it. The Retirement Phase may last longer than 12 months, subject to the availability of replacement parts. No service contracts are provided during the Retirement Phase.

ANG range

Retired ANG 250 nitrogen generator


(End of Generator Lifecycle) Once the Retirement Phase has ended your Peak gas generator is now obsolete. No service support or replacements parts are available for obsolete Peak Scientific generators and technical support may be limited.


End of life ZA070A zero air generator

We hope you now have a full understanding of the lifecycle of Peak gas generators and can be confident in the longevity of a gas generator from Peak Scientific. If you have any questions about our product lifecycle or if you would like to know what stage your gas generator is at in its lifecycle, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions for you.

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