Bruce Peat

9th February 2017

Scalable on-site Nitrogen Gas Generation for Laboratories

i-FlowLab is a scalable nitrogen gas generation system, capable of producing a continuous & stable supply of ultra-high purity nitrogen gas to meet the full demands of a lab’s analysis and combined laboratory instrumentation, such as LC-MS, Gloveboxes, Sample Preparation, NMR Spectroscopy and Fume Hoods.

Harnessing the latest Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) & gas purification technologies, i-FlowLab is the most cost effective, energy efficient and reliable gas generation solution available on the market. It can deliver nitrogen at a wide range of purities (up to 99.9995% or 5 ppm oxygen) and flow rates (ranging from 30 to over 4000 L/min); all of which can be pre-configured to suit the varying needs of a research facility.


i-FlowLab Nitrogen gas generator

Designed & manufactured in PEAK’s UK based ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility, i-FlowLab is precision engineered to meet the highest quality standards – this not only ensures unrivalled robustness but also superior performance over the generator’s lifespan.

Key Features:

• Convenient & reliable supply of nitrogen gas, available on-demand;
• Consistent, stable flow & purity of nitrogen for laboratory applications;
• Highly cost effective alternative to cylinder or bulk supply methods;
• Sustainable source of instrument gas, eliminates need for ongoing resupply purchase;
• Expandable & scalable N2 production capacity, offering greater operational flexibility & future-proofing;
• Innovative ‘Eco-mode’ that automatically manages production & energy consumption, based on daily application demands;
• Safest method of gas supply, eliminates need for Health & Safety training and manual handling of pressurized cylinders/tanks.

For laboratories that are still reliant on high pressure gas cylinders for supply of nitrogen to mass spectrometers and other gas hungry instruments, PEAK Scientific’s i-FlowLab offers a more cost effective, convenient and sustainable alternative. Below are just some applications where i-FlowLab can help maximize productivity & streamline workflow:


The majority of LC-MS instruments tend to be gas hungry. i-FlowLab is capable of producing high volumes of nitrogen gas to meet the demands of several analyses running simultaneously, serving as a single source of supply for multiple LC-MS instruments.


Working with hazardous substances, such as infectious diseases or radioactive materials, often requires the use of gloveboxes with an inert, oxygen-free environment. i-FlowLab can effectively meet the nitrogen gas supply needs of multiple gloveboxes.

Sample Evaporators

Depending on workflow requirements, evaporators can often consume large quantities of nitrogen when preparing compounds for further analysis. i-FlowLab can be easily configured to supply high quality nitrogen gas to several evaporators, whilst also meeting the demands of other gas hungry instruments throughout the lab.

Fume Hoods

Built-in nitrogen gas taps give laboratories the flexibility to perform analyses & use instruments within controlled environments. i-FlowLab is ideal for ensuring a consistent & stable supply of nitrogen gas is readily available for multiple applications.

NMR Spectroscopy

Given the large volumes of nitrogen consumed at various processes of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, i-FlowLab can offer a consistent nitrogen supply for this analysis technique.

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Offering laboratories a convenient, reliable & safe supply for facilities with high flow/high purity gas requirements, i-FlowLab is a total on-site nitrogen solution, which is available on demand and effectively replaces the need for bulk purchase of cylinders or dewars, delivering cost savings in the medium to long term.

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