Bruce Peat

1st September 2015

PEAK introduces more affordable ultra high purity hydrogen solution

PEAK Scientific has extended its range of industry-leading, hydrogen generators for laboratories with the launch of the Precision Hydrogen Trace 250. The new, smaller model sits alongside the existing Hydrogen Trace 500, to offer a more cost-effective solution for those requiring lower flow rates, such as labs with only one or two GC instruments. The new Hydrogen Trace 250 features new innovations in trace dryer technology that ensures ultra high purity performance.

Precision Hydrogen 100C

PEAK's Precision Hydrogen Trace

For those currently using hydrogen or considering hydrogen as a carrier gas for GC and GC-MS, this generator delivers 250cc/min of hydrogen at 99.9999% purity to meet market demand from laboratories. Incorporating the same compact, modular form factor as all Precision units allows users to build a Precision stack to meet their specific application’s gas requirements, whilst taking up minimal laboratory floor-space.

Peace of mind and ease of use are at the heart of the Precision Hydrogen Trace’s design, with no maintenance required, comprehensive rapid response on-site warranty and both automatic water loading pump and cascading capability provided as standard. The Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 offers a safe, hassle-free supply of carrier grade hydrogen that can improve laboratory productivity and performance.

GC Product Manager, Greg Stringfellow comments “We have introduced the new Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 to give our customers a more cost-effective hydrogen carrier gas option for those looking for the unique benefits of PEAK Precision, but may not require the higher flow of the existing Hydrogen Trace 500. Flexibility is a core benefit of the Precision series as a whole so this is a welcome addition to the series.”

As is the case with all PEAK Scientific generators, the Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 comes backed up by PEAK’s market-leading customer service and technical support available locally and on-site the world over.

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