Emma Brady

14th June 2016

PEAK & Agilent attend Kemiportalen

PEAK Scientific are delighted to be standing alongside their OEM partner, Agilent Technologies at the Kemiportalen – Analysdagarna & Organikerdagarna national meeting. The meeting which started today, will run until the 17th of June and Agilent and PEAK will be on hand to discuss your laboratory needs.

PEAK’s Precision series of laboratory gas generators, which have been made available on Agilent Technologies 3PP buying platform and is the ideal solution for those who require nitrogen, hydrogen or zero air for carrier, detector or make up gas.

Agilent peak booth

PEAK’s Precision Agilent specific models feature custom blue LED lighting which has been introduced exclusively for Agilent, as well as the added benefit of a dedicated water bottle included with all hydrogen generators.

If you are unable to attend the event and would like further information about PEAK Scientific and its product offering for Agilent systems, then please contact us by clicking the link below.  


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