Bruce Peat

24th March 2016

7 steps to changing carrier gas from helium to hydrogen

PEAK Scientific have released a new article which can be found in the Learn section of their website.

The article titled, "7 steps to changing carrier gas from helium to hydrogen" is Dr Ed Connor’s latest application note which focuses on what is required for a lab to change its gas supply from helium to hydrogen and the benefits of making the switch. 

Going through the 7 steps will give an explanation of how easy it is to switch gases and what considerations and actions are required to do so.

Ed in the lab

PEAK Scientific's Learn section hosts various user stories, testimonials and articles and application notes which has been created to share interesting and helpful insights for laboratory users, especially those using LC-MS and GC applications. PEAK’s Learn section is periodically updated with interesting analysis being carried out in institutions around the globe as well as useful tips for the lab such as best practice guides and getting the most from your gas supply. 

To read the full article click here or to speak to a PEAK representative contact us.

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