22nd October 2018

Multi-Stage Purification™ - when only exceptional will do

Discover how Genius XE’s patented Multi-Stage Purification™ technology works to provide analytical grade nitrogen.

Genius XE is our most advanced nitrogen generator yet, designed to provide nitrogen gas for LC-MS/MS and other laboratory instruments requiring analytical grade nitrogen. With laboratory instruments increasingly becoming more sophisticated and sensitive, we designed Genius XE to be a premium standalone nitrogen solution, capable of providing critical laboratory applications with analytical grade nitrogen gas.

Genius XE nitrogen generator

Genius XE 70 and Genius XE 35

In order to produce the analytical grade nitrogen gas required for LC-MS/MS instruments, PEAK developed an innovative new technology for Genius XE in the form of Multi-Stage Purification™. Comprising a total of 5 different stages, Genius XE’s Multi-Stage Purification™ allows this advanced nitrogen gas generator to deliver factory certifiable purity up to 99.5% on-demand, 24/7.

A Triplex Particulate Filter, with three sequential stages of micro-particulate and coalescing filtration, ensures the nitrogen gas is as clean and high purity as possible from a generator, so that you can have the greatest confidence in your analytical results with minimal interference, even at high resolution.

Genius XE’s all-new AirMax™ (patent pending) air intake, the result of advanced CFD modeling,  is precision engineered to maximize air flow into and around the integrated compressors. Combining 1st-stage particulate filtration with optimized air distribution, this allows compressors to operate at full efficiency and greater overall reliability.

In addition to the AirMax™ air intake, Genius XE also employs two-stage moisture removal. This unique reheat technology and proprietary lock-and-drain moisture removal with redundancy ensures your application is extra protected against any risk of moisture in the gas stream, delivering ultra-dry nitrogen gas into your instrument.

Genius XE also features custom advanced polymer hollow fiber nitrogen membrane technology. Developed in collaboration with a world leading nitrogen membrane manufacturer, this technology ensures a consistently high purity of nitrogen gas from Genius XE, even at high flow rates.

As a final purity safeguard, Genius XE’s Multi-Stage Purification™ includes NMHC Capture. This proprietary non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) filtration stage is designed to remove ambient long-chain hydrocarbons (down to <1ppm), which can cause spectral interference in some analytical results, depending on the method. The innovative design has been optimized for efficiency, performance and service life.

Work in a lab where only exceptional will do?    


Designed from the ground up to deliver maximum performance for labs that can’t afford to compromise, Genius XE’s Multi-Stage Purification™ ensures that nitrogen gas purity is never compromised. By utilizing a triplex particulate filter, AirMax™ air intake, two-stage moisture removal, a custom-designed advanced polymer hollow fiber nitrogen membrane and NMHC capture, Genius XE is able to produce high purity analytical grade nitrogen gas for LC-MS/MS applications, when only exceptional will do.

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