Bruce Peat

9th May 2016

Advantages of a PSA nitrogen generator

Pressure Swing Adsorption PSA nitrogen generators are capable of producing high purity nitrogen gas from a single simple commodity, air. This purity can also be acquired through cryogenic systems, however, these are considerably more complex and expensive so can only be justified where consumption is extremely high compared to alternative PSA nitrogen systems.


Peak utilizes PSA technology in their PSA nitrogen generators, using Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) in many of its PSA nitrogen gas generators to produce a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen. These are available either with or without internal compressors. Below are just some of the benefits a facility would reap by removing gas cylinders from its daily operations.

Peaks PSA nitrogen generator genius 1050

Genius 1050 PSA nitrogen generator


  • With out PSA nitrogen generator you have no more loss of gas supply during analysis as nitrogen can be delivered on-demand.
  • No need to manage gas stock inventory with a PSA nitrogen gas generator or reorder bulk supply.

Consistency & reliability

  • A PSA nitrogen generator is a constant gas supply and is delivered at a stable purity, so no risks of pipeline contamination that could hamper analysis results & workflow productivity.

Low operating costs

  • Substituting out-of-date air separation plants can lead to nitrogen production savings in excess of 50%.
  • The net cost of on-site PSA nitrogen gas generation is significantly less than the costs of bottled or liquefied nitrogen bulk supply purchase.

Nitrogen generators are less damaging to the environment

  • On-site PSA nitrogen gas generation is a sustainable and energy efficient approach to providing pure, clean, dry nitrogen gas. Compared to the energy required by cryogenic air separation plants, as well as transporting liquid nitrogen from the plant to a facility, nitrogen generators consume far less energy and lead to a significant reduction in carbon footprint.
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