Peak Scientific | Nitrogen and Hydrogen Generator  Supported Maintenance

Supported Maintenance

Designed for compressor-less gas generators

Specifically for sites with resource to perform generator maintenance

Service kit sent to you when service is due

10% discount on any additional parts 



As with all machinery, maintenance will be required to keep your generator, and indeed your analysis, operating at its best. Supported Maintenance from PEAK Scientific is a cost-effective service designed for sites with the resource to perform their own generator maintenance. 

Picking up from where your warranty ends, PEAK will manage your generator’s maintenance schedule, providing you with, both, the information and the tools to keep your generator running long into the future.

Available only for models without an air compressor module, this plan comes with the same world-class support that all [Peak Protected] plans benefit from, with highly trained PEAK engineers and service professionals on hand to provide technical support as required.

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Supported Maintenance

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Why Supported Maintenance?

The service requirement for compressor-less instruments is minimal but maintenance will need to be performed at scheduled points in the generator’s operating life. Performing this maintenance will ensure the generator remains reliable and performs to its highest standard. Without scheduled maintenance there is a risk of unexpected downtime and  a risk of unexpected costs putting pressure on laboratory budgets. 

How it works...

  • Sign up for Supported Maintenance 
  • When maintenance is required Peak will deliver maintenance kit with a guide from our highly experienced training team
  • Follow the step by step guide contained within the maintenance kit
  • Encounter a problem? Not to worry, round the clock technical support is on hand to help you and should you require any further assistance, Peak can arrange an on-site response from our dedicated Field Service Engineers.

With Peak managing the timing of maintenance and providing all the tools to perform service successfully, you can rest assured your equipment will be in peak condition.

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Request IQ/OQ for your generator

The Peak Scientific IQ/OQ certification is tailored to your specific gas generator and provides you with a cost-effective and efficient solution to achieve and maintain compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have pricing options for multiple units and/or multiple years?

Yes, we can offer consolidated coverage for multiple units and years to provide the most cost effective and hassle free solution for your needs. Contact us for more information.

Do I need a service plan during the warranty period?

No, your warranty is fully comprehensive. You can purchase a service contract at any time to begin as soon as your warranty period ends. Furthermore, purchasing a Service Plan at point of generator purchase may secure a better price.

Are there different plans for different models of generator?

Most of our plans are suitable for all generators, some plans, like the self-service plan, are only suitable for certain compressor-free generator models. Our service team will be happy to guide you through what plan is best suited to your needs.

Why does my generator need a Service Plan?

Your Peak gas generator contains many moving parts and mechanical components which need regular service, monitoring and replacing to avoid sudden, unexpected downtime. 

How often does my generator need serviced? 

Most Peak generators will only require a once annual preventative maintenance visit, however, some models will require more frequent servicing based on model and use. Contact us today if you have any questions about your generator service schedule.

How do I register my Peak gas generator for warranty?

To register your product for Peak's fully comprehensive rapid response, on-site warranty, please complete our warranty registration form here.

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