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Nitrogengenerator Denmark

At Peak Scientific, we have the ideal nitrogen gas solution for GC and LC-MS analyses for your laboratory in Denmark, providing a reliable and consistent flow to your applications. 

Why a Nitrogengenerator?

Suppling your laboratory in Denmark with nitrogen gas via a gas cylinder is the more traditional model of gas source for applications such as LC-MS and GC. However, nitrogen gas supplied through a gas cylinder does not come without inconveniences.

More often than not, pressurized gas cylinders incur additional costs beyond the mere supply of gas. These costs need to cover other aspects of the gas supply, such as the delivery, rental, placement, and, not the mention, the replacement of the cylinder – a perpetual expense and hassle required for cylinder gas supply. On top of the logistical trouble and additional costs, pressurized nitrogen gas cylinders pose a safety threat to your laboratory in Denmark and its surroundings because of the high volume of pressurized nitrogen gas contained.

Reduce your costs and improve your workflow


The costs and safety hazards of pressurized gas cylinder are eliminated with an on-site nitrogen generator. Peak Scientific’s nitrogen generators are designed to generate gas across a range of flows and levels of purity, aligning costs with your individual LC-MS or GC application needs. Producing your own gas also means your gas availability is accessible all day, every day – a reliable source of gas maximising uptime.

In addition, with an on-site nitrogen generator, safety concerns are no longer an issue, as the volume of gas stored is of very low risk. What is more, in there is a gas leak, Peak Scientific’s nitrogen generators will shutdown automatically thanks to the inbuilt gas leak detector technology.

LC-MS Nitrogengenerator Denmark 

Genius Series: Peak Scientific’s Genius Series offers a range of compressor-based generators designed by Peak’s engineers backed with over a decade of development and research for both single quad and triple quad MS applications.
Solaris: Our Solaris models of nitrogen generators are the compact and cost-effective gas solutions for your lab. Varying across models, flow rates can reach up to 35 L/min, with up to 99.5% of nitrogen gas purity. Solaris generators do not have internal compressors and are silent in operation. As Solaris generators do not come with internal compressors, a supply of clean, dry air is required to function.
Infinity Series: Peak Scientific’s Infinity Series is also a compressor-less range of nitrogen generators, specifically designed with laboratories supplying their external source of air separately. The Infinity Series of nitrogen gas generators can deliver up to 520 L/min of purity nitrogen gas.
i-FlowLab: The i-FlowLab product range is a complete nitrogen gas solution for your laboratory. Capable of delivering a consistent supply at a high range of purities up to 99.9995%, i-FlowLab is designed to meet varying gas demands of laboratory applications, from LC-MS, gloveboxes, fume hoods, sample evaporators and more.

GC Nitrogengenerator Denmark

Precision Nitrogen: The Precision Nitrogen generators are available in both standard and trace models - standard for GC detector gas and trace for detector and carrier gas. Peak’s Precision products guarantee 99.9995% purity of nitrogen, with the trace model housing a catalyst chamber able to remove hydrocarbons to < 0.05ppm.

Considering the savings on costs, the hassle-free supply of on-demand nitrogen gas and the negligible safety risks, a nitrogen generator is sure to provide an upgrade to your overall workflow in your laboratory in Denmark.

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