PEAK Scientific in Australia & New Zealand

PEAK Scientific offers a range of gas generators – both hydrogen and nitrogen gas generators - across Australia and New Zealand, ensuring quality workflow for LC-MS and GC  (gas chromatography) analyses.

Established in 1997, PEAK Scientific is a global leading innovator of design, manufacture and support of high performance hydrogen and nitrogen gas generators mainly for LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and GC (Gas Chromatography). Operating from our offices in Melbourne, Australia, our products and services are available to customers nationwide.

The after-sales care is another key feature we provide as part of our service in the region, making sure your analyses are supported by a reliable uptime with our hydrogen or nitrogen gas generator. This means that for labs who invest in PEAK’s award-winning after-sales support, no matter where you are located in Australia, a PEAK engineer will be at your location in under 72 hours in the unlikely event of a product issue. Plus, with an on-site first-time fix rate of over 95%, you can be sure your lab’s analysis is [PEAK Protected].   

Opting for an on-site hydrogen or nitrogen gas generator from PEAK Scientific is the practical and cost-effective alternative to pressurized cylinders. Where traditional sources of hydrogen and nitrogen gas incur on-going delivery, administrative and rental costs, laboratory gas generators are always readily available, providing reliability and efficiency to your workflow.

Gas purity is another advantage that comes with a hydrogen or nitrogen gas generator. If your lab in Australia requires nitrogen or hydrogen gas for GC or LC-MS, a nitrogen or hydrogen generator can provide a constant and consistent gas supply at the exact purity your instrument requires.


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If your laboratory is based in Australia or New Zealand and you are considering upgrading your lab operations to a hydrogen or nitrogen gas system, we are here to help. Whether you would like to discuss your laboratory requirements or request an order, get in touch today for further information.

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