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Nitrogen Generators Australia

Peak Scientific’s product range of nitrogen generators offers the ideal alternative to gas cylinders or dewars for LC-MS and GC applications.

If your lab is in Australia and you are considering upgrading your nitrogen gas system - whether it’s for LC-MS or GC  – Peak Scientific has all of its nitrogen generator product range available in Australia.  

Nitrogen generators provide you with the benefits of producing your gas on-site without the inconvenience of scheduling delivery and planning the installation of cylinders. In doing away with the difficulties and costs associated with ordering gas cylinders, you can rest assured your laboratory in Australia will have a safe and accessible supply of on-demand nitrogen gas.

Our range of nitrogen generators is built on decades of innovation and research in gas generation in the laboratory. Our nitrogen generator products are designed to deliver excellence, offering reliability and efficiency for your workflow.

Improve your profitability and enhance your workflow


Fortunately, the never-ending costs and safety hazards associated with a pressurized gas cylinder can be mitigated with an on-site nitrogen generator. Peak Scientific’s nitrogen generators are designed to generate on demand gas across a range of flows and levels of purity, tailoring your costs to your LC-MS or GC requirements. Being able to generate your own gas also means your gas availability is accessible 24/7 – a dependable source of gas supply, eliminating interrupted sessions of analysis.

LC-MS Nitrogen Generators Australia

  • Genius Series: Peak Scientific’s Genius Series is the result of over a decade’s research and development towards perfecting nitrogen gas generators for both single quad and triple quad MS applications, delivering greater efficiency, guaranteed reliability and excellent performance.
  • Solaris: Our Solaris models of nitrogen generators are the economic and compact option for your gas solutions in your lab. Depending on the model, flow rates can reach up to 35 L/min. Our Solaris models offer 99.5% nitrogen gas purity. With no internal compressors this generator is silent in operation, however, will require a supply of clean, dry air to function.
  • Infinity Series: Peak Scientific’s Infinity Series is a compressor-free range of nitrogen generators, able to run 24 hours a day without interruption. Effectively silent in operation, the Infinity Series of nitrogen gas generators can deliver up to 520 L/min of high purity nitrogen gas.
  • i-FlowLab: The i-FlowLab product range is a modular and expandable on-site nitrogen generator system. Capable of delivering a consistent supply at a range of purities up to 99.9995%, i-FlowLab is guaranteed to meet the full and varying gas demands of your combined laboratory applications, such as LC-MS, gloveboxes, fume hoods, sample evaporators and more.

GC  Nitrogen Generators Australia

  • Precision Nitrogen: The Precision Nitrogen generators are available in both standard and trace models, standard for GC detector gas and trace for detector and carrier gas. All of the Precision products guarantee 99.9995% purity of nitrogen, with the trace model housing a catalyst chamber able to remove hydrocarbons, such as methane, to < 0.05ppm.

If your laboratory is based in Australia or New Zealand and you are considering upgrading your lab operations to a hydrogen or nitrogen generator, we are here to help. Whether you would like to discuss your laboratory requirements or request an order, get in touch today for further information.

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