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Nitrogen cylinder vs nitrogen generator costs

If you’re budgeting your lab’s expenses and looking to buy nitrogen for Compact Mass Spectrometers, a nitrogen gas cylinder contract service delivery may not be your best option. A nitrogen generator, on the other hand, can offer a more cost-effective alternative.

With a nitrogen generator, you will no longer need to buy nitrogen gas in bulk supply. This means that your nitrogen gas supply  is on-demand as opposed to having bulk stored

Resorting to a nitrogen gas cylinder may at first seem like the best option, as the upfront costs involved to buy nitrogen through a gas cylinder can initially be fairly low. However, prices for contracts can fluctuate from one year to another, and sometimes even months. What is more, nitrogen cylinder contracts involve additional hidden costs to cover delivery, installation, cylinder rental charges and maintenance. That’s why a nitrogen generator is a more economical option, with a return on investment within the first year of ownership.

One Advion CMS Expression instrument running 8 hours a day, 5 days a week that requires 10 L/min of nitrogen will consume around 1.72 million liters of nitrogen per year, that is equivalent to approximately 200 cylinders of nitrogen. The table below is a break down the costs associated with ordering 200 cylinders:

Typical 3 year cylinder supply costs for one Compact MS
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
 Cost of gas ($45 per   cylinder)  $9,000  $9,000  $9,000  $27,000
 Cost of cylinder rental
 $600  $600  $600  $1,800
 Delivery cost ($30 per
 delivery of 5 cylinders)
 $1,200  $1,200  $1,200  $3,600
      Total spend over 3 years  $32,400

Compare this with the cost of purchasing PEAK Scientific’s Solaris 10 nitrogen generator where you can save 29% over 3 years

Typical 3 year Solaris generator supply costs for one Compact MS
   Year 1  Year 2  Year 3  Total
 Generator and Air   Compressor*  $17,300   $0  $0  $17,300
 Complete Maintenance   Plan  Warranty    Period   $2,035  $2,035  $4,070
 Power Consumption (8h   per   day @ 1.1 kWh for   365 days)  $550   $550  $550  $1,650
      Total spend over 3 years  $23,020

*Solaris 10 should be connected to an air supply that, as a minimum, meets ISO 8753-1:2010 Class 1.4.1 or connected to the Solaris air compressor mode. To view data source, click here

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Solaris 10 ELSD Nitrogen Generator

PEAK's Solaris 10

PEAK Scientific’s Solaris 10 nitrogen gas generator offers a cost-effective solution to meet laboratory gas requirements for ELSD, Compact Mass Spectrometer instruments and TLD readers. Solaris 10 can provide 10L/min of ultra-high purity (UHP) nitrogen gas, up to 99.5%.

Generating your own nitrogen gas with a Solaris 10 nitrogen gas generator will cut down your overall laboratory costs and maximize your uptime. You will no longer need to plan and pay for the delivery, installation and changeovers of your cylinder.

In addition to the cost savings and convenience, PEAK's Solaris 10 nitrogen gas generator also offers peace of mind, as safety will no longer be a concern thanks to the extremely low pressure and volume stored.

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