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Nitrogen cylinder costs vs nitrogen generator costs

Nitrogen cylinder costs for a delivery contract may seem like the easiest way to manage your laboratory budget, however, the purchase of a nitrogen generator is a more cost-effective way to buy nitrogen.

Nitrogen gas cylinders vs nitrogen gas generator

While the initial outlay for nitrogen cylinder costs is low, contracts are often subject to regular price increases, as well as hidden fees such as regulator maintenance, delivery, fuel and cylinder and pallet rental charges, which can soon add up. A nitrogen generator offers a more economical solution, typically offering savings versus cylinder supply, within the first year of ownership. One LC-MS instrument running 8 hours a day, 5 days a week that requires 32 L/min of nitrogen will consume around 4 million liters of nitrogen per year, that is equivalent to approximately 450 cylinders of nitrogen. The table below is a break down of nitrogen cylinders costs vs. nitrogen generator costs based on ordering 450 cylinders without factoring inflation:

Typical 3 year nitrogen cylinder supply costs for one LC-MS

Cylinders Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Cost of gas ($45 per cylinder) $20,250 $20,250 $20,250 $60,750
Cost of cylinder rental ($50 per month) $600 $600 $600 $1,800
Delivery cost (£30 per delivery of 5 cylinders) $2,700 $2,700 $2,700 $8,100
      Total spend over 3 years $70,650


Compare this with purchasing PEAK Scientific’s Genius XE 35 for standalone nitrogen generator costs where you can save 51% over 3 years, and even more if your lab has more than one LC-MS.

Typical 3 year Genius XE 35 nitrogen generator supply costs for one LC-MS

Genius XE Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Cost of gas generator $22,578 $0 $0 $22,578
Complete Maintenance Plan Warranty period $3,124* $6,104 $9,228
Power consumption (8h per day @ 1.1kWh for 365 days $550 $550 $550 $1,650
      Total spend over 3 years $33,456

*The Genius XE 35 comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty as long as a Preventative Maintenance visit is completed before month 13 of the warranty.

On average, one LC-MS instrument requiring 32 L/min to run for 8 hours over 5 days, consumes 4 million liters of nitrogen per year. This is equivalent to 450 gas cylinders which is a considerable cost for a lab. To view the data source, click here

Graph showing the lower cost of ownership of a gas generator compared to gas cylinders

Producing your own nitrogen gas with a Genius nitrogen generator will earn a quick return on investment for your one-time nitrogen generator costs with its low service fees and maximum uptime. Gone will be the days of planning and paying for the delivery, installation and replacement of your cylinder.

On top of the cost savings and convenience, PEAK's Genius generators also offer peace of mind, as safety concerns are mitigated by the extremely low pressure and volume storage, along with in-built leak detector technology.

Traditional methods of gas supply have proven to be cumbersome and inconvenient, not only for financial reasons, but also for safety concerns, logistical planning and unreliability in terms of supply and purity. The nitrogen generator costs you pay offers unparalleled value for not just your budget, but also for optimum workflow.

Genius XE Nitrogen Generator

PEAK's Genius Series

PEAK Scientific’s Genius series is a compressor-based nitrogen generator based on more than a decade’s worth of research and design. Developed for LC-MS applications, the Genius range of nitrogen generators provide a dependable and consistent high purity flow of nitrogen, your gas supply will be available on-demand, 24/7.

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