One small footprint. One giant leap.

Horizen: The future of nitrogen gas generation

Bringing best-in-class purity and unparalleled energy-efficiency together in an ultra compact footprint, Horizen 24 heralds a giant leap forward in nitrogen generation for your lab. Giving you the perfect combination of performance and economy while helping to reduce your lab's carbon footprint. 

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Benefits of Horizen

Save money

With Horizen's innovative energy management systems, coupled with patent pending heat optimization, Horizen will reduce not only your lab's electricity bills but also the demands on your site's air conditioning.

Save space

It's simple. Smaller footprint, better nitrogen. Designed by our team of world renowned nitrogen generation experts, Horizen provides a space-saving solution without compromising on quality, reliability or purity.

Save the planet

With lower energy consumption than any other gas generator on the market, Horizen offers a sustainable solution that helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

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