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One small footprint. One giant leap.

Horizen: The future of nitrogen gas generation

Bringing best-in-class purity and unparalleled energy efficiency together in an ultra-compact footprint, Horizen 24 heralds a giant leap forward in nitrogen generation for single quad LCMS for your lab. Giving you the perfect combination of performance and economy while helping to reduce your lab's carbon footprint. 

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The very latest in gas generation technology

PEAK Scientific's Horizen 24 n2 generator

As the world leader in LC-MS nitrogen generator design, production, and service, we know that as demands on your lab increase, you need a generator you can rely on.

By removing the inconveniences of bulky gas cylinders and dewars, your lab can count on a
consistent, high-quality, high-purity nitrogen supply from one small, energy-efficient unit.

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Combining PEAK performance and economy while helping you reduce your lab's carbon footprint, Horizen 24 is the most advanced nitrogen generator on the market today. 

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