PEAK Scientific Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Date of Issue: 4th April 2023


PEAK Scientific is committed to continuously promote and create an inclusive environment. It is within our culture to promote equitable opportunity for progression to all employees, and eliminate any form of discrimination in the work place.

Our ability to attract and retain talented people is key to ensuring the continued success of our business. We therefore strive to ensure a fair and equitable approach to all our people policies and practices including recruitment, reward and development.


Median & Mean Gender Pay Gap

On 5th April 2022, PEAK Scientific had a mean gender pay gap of 1.7% and a median gender pay gap of 5.5%. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), PEAK’s median gender pay gap of 5.5% is well below the 2021 national average of 15.1%.

What are we doing to address our gender pay gap?

While significantly less than the national average, the Company remains committed to reducing the pay gap.

There is no single quick fix, but through analysis and appropriate intervention, we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to improving the gap, and in particular by encouraging women into roles in what is a male-dominated sector.

We remain committed to recruiting more women across the whole of the organization and to further developing our culture to ensure it is conducive to the progression of both men and women equally, as well as recognizing and celebrating other aspects of diversity.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

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