Mira Dobreva

7th December 2018

University of Leipzig utilizes PEAK's Solaris XE

Maria Fedorova, Research group leader in The Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine at University of Leipzig, tells us about her and her team’s experience with purchasing and using Solaris XE in their laboratory.

Name: Maria Fedorova
Job title: Research Group Leader
Company: Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine at University of Leipzig
Location: Germany

The Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine at University of Leipzig was originally founded in 2003 as the central research institute of the University. Ever since, the Centre has been promoting outstanding development in biotechnology while building international competitiveness. The research teams address current and future issues in the field of nanobiotechnology and biomedicine, and moreover, they now have put biocatalysis as a second focus point of their research.

Maria Fedorova, Research group leader, tells us about her and her team’s experience with purchasing and using Solaris XE in their laboratory.



Mike Lange, member of Fedorova research group, with the Solaris XE stacked under the lab bench




1. Typically, what is the focus of your LCMS analysis - what sort of applications?

“We analyse lipids and proteins.”

2. What PEAK Scientific generator do you have in your laboratory and what LCMS instruments does it supply?

"We have a Solaris XE nitrogen generator that provides nitrogen gas to a Thermo Fisher Instrument Q exactive plus."

3 . What prompted you to choose a PEAK generator and how long have you used it?

"Peak fulfilled all of our requirements and was the most cost-effective offer out of three quotes we have received. The generator was installed in September 2018."

4. What has been the key benefit of deploying PEAK generators as opposed to your previous gas supply solution?

"It is small and looks nice and is very quiet. The shape makes it very easy to place underneath our desk. We do like that you provide the information about how much weight can be placed on top of it. And the lights are an additional bonus."

5. How would you describe your purchasing experience with PEAK in terms of speed of response, ease of ordering, catering for your needs and timing of delivery?

"Everything was good. The delivery was very fast. We were always well informed about the timing of the delivery. The box upon delivery showed some damage but the correspondence to solve any problems was fine, we could always reach someone by email."

6. Have you ever had a site visit from a PEAK engineer, if so, could you describe your experience of this support?

"We actually installed everything ourselves and so far we have not needed any servicing. It is nice to know that you have these options available."

7. Would you recommend PEAK Scientific generators to other laboratories?

"Yes definitely!"


The Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine at University of Leipzig have been analyzing lipids and proteins with the help of PEAK's Solaris XE generator since September 2018. Maria shares that Solaris XE was the best, most cost-effective option for them when compared to other competitor brands. Here at PEAK, our main priority is our customers’ complete satisfaction, therefore we offer various gas solutions in order to fit the requirements of even the most demanding labs!

Maria also points out the key benefits that had prompted her and her team to choose Solaris XE. This particular nitrogen generator is compact and stackable (units stacked on top of Solaris must not exceed 100kg/220.4lbs) allowing Maria to maximize the use of valuable lab floor or bench space. On top of that, Solaris XE is very quiet in operation and it has color indicative LED lighting for ease of use and awareness, making it much safer and convenient than pressurized cylinders, dewars or bulk storage.

Solaris XE can provide variable flow rates (up to 35L/min), outlet pressure (up to 116psi) and purity of up to 99.5%, guaranteeing any lab a flexible solution for its needs. Using membrane technology, it has been designed to meet the gas requirements of labs that use LC-MS or multiple lower flow nitrogen instruments such as ELSDs or Compact Mass Spectrometers which utilize an external source of compressed air.

The Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine have also had a great purchasing experience with PEAK. The delivery process has been fast and smooth and even though there has been a problem with the packaging it has been easily overcome. PEAK are always there for our customers as our priority is to deliver the best possible customer service. Communication and responsiveness is very important to us and our priority is your complete satisfaction!

The Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine at University of Leipzig has had an excellent experience with purchasing and using Solaris XE. The generator’s compactness and ease of use have made it a great asset for the Centre’s lab, so much so that they would highly recommend it to fellow laboratories.


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