3rd June 2024

Streamlining steroid analysis with a compact and quiet nitrogen generator.

In this user story, LC-MS Chemist Anna Marques discusses how the Peak Horizen 24 nitrogen generator has improved efficiency in her lab at Hospital das Clínicas - Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo.


Focus of analysis

"Our primary laboratory application is clinical," explains Anna, "focusing on steroid dosing using LC-MS/MS."

Equipment in use

During the Horizen 24 demonstration, the instrument used was an Agilent Infinity MSD, a single quadrupole mass spectrometer.

Peak Scientific is a trusted partner for the world's leading analytical instrument manufacturers. We specialize in developing gas generation solutions that seamlessly integrate with their instruments.

Top 3 benefits of Horizen 24

Anna highlights three key advantages the Horizen 24 brought to the lab:

  1. Easy visual instrument status: The clear LED screen display allows for effortless monitoring of gas pressure, working hours, and overall generator health.
  2. Compact size: Compared to previous gas supply solutions, the Horizen 24's compact footprint enabled convenient under-bench placement.
  3. Low noise operation: The quiet operation minimizes disruption within the lab environment.

Key advantage over previous solution

"The demonstration compared the Horizen 24 to our existing Peak NM32LA model," explains Anna. "The Horizen's compact size and low noise level allowed for ideal under-bench installation. Additionally, the clear status display simplified monitoring compared to our previous generator."

Space-saving design

Horizen 24 is the smallest nitrogen generator in its class. "The
compact size and minimal noise make it easy to integrate the Horizen 24 within the lab, conveniently fitting under the instrument bench," says Anna.

Energy consumption

While no specific data was available on energy usage, Anna noted no increase in air conditioning requirements during the demonstration period. Hospital management controls overall energy consumption.

Environmental impact

"As a new technology designed with environmental impact in mind," believes Anna, "the Horizen 24 has the potential to significantly reduce our lab's carbon footprint. This is especially true when compared to deliveries of gas cylinders and the energy consumption of older generators."

Other Peak generators in the lab

We supply a wide range of gas generators suitable for applications including GCLC-MSELSD and Sample Preparation. There are two additional Peak gas generators in Anna's lab:

  1. Genius NM32L supplies gas to their Agilent Infinity MSD instrument.
  2. Peak NM32LA provides gas for their Waters Xevo TQ-S LC-MS/MS system.

Peak field service engineer support

"A Peak engineer was present throughout the instrument demonstration," says Anna, "providing excellent support and attentiveness to our needs."

Peak Scientific goes beyond exceptional support with our comprehensive Peak Protected service plan. This plan offers a range of options to ensure your generator stays in peak condition throughout its lifespan.

From our 24hr Premium plan guaranteeing a rapid on-site response within 24 hours to our Supported Maintenance plan designed for labs with the resource to perform their own generator maintenance, Peak Protected offers a solution to fit your needs.

Anna's recommendation for other labs

"Absolutely," emphasizes Anna. "Peak Scientific generators offer exceptional customer support and fast scheduling, making them a great choice for other labs."

Need help finding a solution?

Discover our range of hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators and zero air generators for you LC-MS

What's new?

Our team of engineers has introduced several new technologies to Horizen 24 to make it our most efficient gas generator to date in the smallest footprint possible.

Dedicated Internal Compressor: PEAK-designed compressor technology reduces power consumption by 55% in comparison to the equivalent PEAK generator which optimizes gas delivery while reducing heat output in your lab.

Heat Optimization Technology: Protecting the membrane from water droplets and enhancing performance and reliability in the gas stream, the Heat Optimization Technology in Horizen 24 is a space-saving, cost-effective, unique component designed by PEAK Scientific. This helps labs achieve ultra-dry nitrogen for your LC-MS analysis.

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