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29th November 2018

Reliance Industries utilize 10 PEAK hydrogen gas generators

Reliance Industries ltd have been using 10 PEAK Precision hydrogen gas generators to trace impurities in the gaseous in-process and analyse product samples in their lab.


Name: Shantilal Modha

Job title: General manager

Company: Reliance Industries ltd

Location: India 

Reliance Industries Limited is the largest private sector corporation in India and some of its businesses include retail, textiles, petroleum refining and more. Shantilal Modha, general manager within the company, tells us about their positive experience with PEAK and why Reliance Industries chose us in particular.



One of the 10 Precision Hydrogen Trace 500cc generators in Reliance Industries' lab


1. Typically what is the focus of your GC analysis - what sort of applications?

“Trace impurities in the gaseous in-process and product samples.”

2. What PEAK Scientific generators do you have in your laboratory and what GC instruments do they supply?

“We have 10 Precision Hydrogen Trace generators (500cc) for our Agilent GCs."

3. What prompted you to choose PEAK generators and how long have you used them?

“Opted review from other industries using PEAK generators and thorough discussion with PEAK's sales team. We have been using them for the last one and a half years.”

4. What has been the key benefits of deploying PEAK generators as opposed to your previous gas supply solution?

“High purity hydrogen gas. 2. Trouble free operation & no breakdown 3. Excellent support from PEAK's maintenance team.”

5. How would you describe your purchasing experience with PEAK in terms of speed of response, ease of ordering, catering for your needs and timing of delivery?


6. Have you ever had a site visit from a PEAK engineer, if so, could you describe your experience of this support?

“Surprisingly they are visiting site frequently and checking the health of generators. I would say I have not seen such type of support from other suppliers. It is fantastic experience using PEAK make generator.”

7. Would you recommend PEAK Scientific generators to other laboratories - and if so, what would be your main reason for the recommendation?


Reliance Industries have had a very positive experience with both PEAK generators and our customer service and maintenance, and we are proud to call them one of the many happy PEAK customers around the world. Reliance Industries own 10 Precision hydrogen  generators which they have been using for over a year and a half to trace impurities in the gaseous in-process and analyse samples carried out by their Agilent GCs. 

The reasons behind choosing PEAK for Reliance Industries’ hydrogen lab supply lie between the excellent feedback on PEAK's generators from various industries around the globe and understanding the numerous benefits that our generators bring to the lab compared to other methods of gas supply.

As Shantilal mentions, some of the main benefits of PEAK's Precision hydrogen generators are high purity gas, trouble-free operations and no breakdown – they provide purity of up to 99.9999% and require very low maintenance in order to function. Moreover, using a hydrogen generator is much safer than cylinders as a generator only stores a minimum amount of gas at one time which makes it impossible to reach hydrogen’s lower explosive level (LEL). For comparison, a normal hydrogen cylinder contains 9,000 litres of H2 and just a small leak can cause the lower explosive level to be reached within minutes.

Another benefit you get when you invest in one of PEAK's generators is the excellent support from our service and maintenance team. At PEAK we pride ourselves on excellent customer service in the form of [PEAK Protected] support care. [PEAK Protected] keeps your generator in great condition and guarantees its superior performance, giving you peace of mind.

Shantilal shares how he was pleasantly surprised to find out our service engineers perform frequent visits to check the generators’ health. We never cease to impress and differentiate ourselves from the competition. PEAK's field service engineers are located in over 20 countries across the globe which allows us to always provide industry-leading service to our customers. With [PEAK Protected] your lab’s productivity becomes our top priority!

PEAK has provided excellent service to Reliance Industries for the past year and a half and will continue to do so in the future in order to keep their lab up and running while offering complete peace of mind. Our exceptional customer service and generators have proven once again how important it is for PEAK to put our customer’s need as top priority and assure the best service that any lab can get.


Find out more about [PEAK Protected]    


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