Bruce Peat

4th July 2017

Perkin Elmer Genetics see benefits of on-site gas generation

Clinical Lab Scientist at Perkin Elmer Genetics, Heather Cicco, took some time to describe the benefits their lab has received from installing Peak Scientific gas generators over gas cylinders and the world class customer service they receive from being [Peak Protected].

Name: Heather Cicco

Job Title: Clinical Lab Scientist

Company: PerkinElmer Genetics

Location: Pennsylvania, USA


Gas generator service Perkin Elmer


Heather Cicco, Clinical Lab Scientist at Perkin Elmer Genetics, has many Peak Scientific gas generators in her lab in Pennsylvania, USA and in order to ensure the smooth running of her laboratory she has placed these generators under a [Peak Protected] service contract. Find out her experience of Peak gas generators and the [Peak Protected] service when we posed some questions to her:

Typically, what is the focus of your analysis – what sort of applications?

“The generators are used to supply nitrogen and zero grade air for our mass spectrometers.”

What Peak Scientific generators do you have in your laboratory and what instruments do they supply?

“In our lab we have seven Genius nitrogen and zero air generators and an NM30LA nitrogen gas generator (predecessor to the bestselling Genius NM32LA nitrogen generator) each supplying a mass spec.”

What has been the key benefit of deploying Peak generators as opposed to your previous gas supply solution?

“Not having to move large gas cylinders around the lab.”

After purchasing your gas generator, how do you rate the level of service and communication you received from our service [Peak Protected] team when setting up your service plan?

“The level of service and communicatoin from the [Peak Protected] team has been very good.”

What made you invest in a [Peak Protected] service plan and what value has it brought to your lab?

“It seems like the prudent thing to do to keep our generators in "peak" working condition.”

Have you ever experienced a technical fault and had to have a visit from a Peak Field Service Engineer? If yes what was the reason and describe your experience of this service?

“We've had generators meeting their run (hours) limit so that the service light is illuminated. When this has occurred I send an email to Peak and an engineer is dispatched within 24-48 hours.”

How was your overall experience with the Peak Scientific service team in regards to planning and implementing the preventative maintenance check up on your generator?

“Wonderful. We have been really happy with the team in the US and their willingness to work around our schedule. Also, the service engineers are great.”

Would you recommend a Peak Scientific generator to other labs – and if so, what would be your main reason for the recommendation?

“I would recommend Peak generators because they work efficiently and consistently. If they are maintained and treated properly they are reliable. Also they foster a clean lab environment, unlike the dirty gas cylinders and oil belching compressors.”

The lab at Perkin Elmer Genetics have discovered, like thousands of other labs around the world, that a gas generator is a far more cost effective and workflow efficient method for supplying laboratory gas when compared with traditional gas bottles or cylinders.


Are your Peak generators Protected?    


[Peak Protected] is Peak Scientific’s world-class service brand with rapid response on-site preventative maintenance and breakdown service available the world over and unmatched by any other gas generator manufacturer. All Peak Scientific gas generators have this high level of service as part of their warranty and it can be continued with the purchase of a service agreement for the life of the generator.

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