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2nd October 2019

PEAK Scientific is proud to support Students 2 Science's lab

PEAK is proud to support Students 2 Science by donating nitrogen generator service plans to two of their PEAK Nitrogen gas generators.

Students 2 Science is a program in New Jersey, USA that inspires and motivates school students to pursue a career in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). The program provides a complete laboratory experience for students by offering them to work shoulder to shoulder with scientific professionals and modern laboratory equipment.

PEAK Scientific is proud to support this inspiring program by donating nitrogen generator service plans to two PEAK Nitrogen generators at the Students 2 Science lab.

Name: Allen N. Jones, PhD

Job Title: ISAAC Program Director

Company: Students 2 Science, Inc.

Location: New Jersey, USA

Allen N. Jones, PhD, ISAAC Program Director, shares his team's views and experience on the PEAK Scientific nitrogen generators and the [PEAK Protected] service plans, ensuring the continued performance of the generators.



Allen with Students 2 Science's PEAK Infinity NM18L and Genius 1022 nitrogen generators


Could you please tell us a bit about how PEAK have supported the Students 2 Science program?

“PEAK supported our program by providing service for our nitrogen generators.”

Typically, what is the focus of your analysis – what sort of applications?

“We use a nitrogen generator to supply nitrogen to a triple quad mass spectrometer. The instrument is used to introduce middle and high school students to analytical sciences and the concept of mass spectrometry. Right now we are using the LCMSMS setup to analyze for the antibiotic oxytetracycline.”

What instruments do your PEAK gas generators supply?

“We use a nitrogen generator to supply nitrogen to a Thermo Quantum Ultra triple quad mass spectrometer.”

What has been the key benefit of deploying Peak generators as opposed to your previous gas supply solution?

“Our previous solution was to use nitrogen tanks, which are emptied rather quickly due to the high flow required by the mass spectrometer. It is much more cost effective and convenient to have in-house nitrogen generation.”

After receiving your gas generator, how do you rate the level of service and communication you received from our service [PEAK Protected] team when setting up your service plan?

“PEAK was excellent at setting up the nitrogen generator service and the plan. I have found their representatives and service engineers very pleasant to work with, and very knowledgeable.”

What value has the [PEAK Protected] Service cover brought to your lab?

“It is peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong we can call and get the support we need.”

How was your overall experience with the PEAK Scientific service team in regards to planning and implementing the preventative maintenance check up on your generator?

“The service team has been very knowledgeable and helpful, and guided us in getting our devices serviced. They advised me that the nitrogen generator maintenance could not be performed by the customer, and after seeing what went in to the servicing, I have to agree that it is not something a user can do. The service engineer was very informative and explained what the components were and how they operated.”

Would you recommend a [PEAK Protected] gas generator service plan to other labs – and if so, what would be your main reason for the recommendation?

“Servicing is not a do-it-yourself operation. The service engineer knew what he was doing and in a couple of hours had the device serviced and back in operation.”


Students 2 Science currently use the Thermo mass spec to analyze antibiotic oxytetracycline and introduce students to the concept of mass spectrometry. Oxytetracycline is an antibiotic used to treat certain bacterial infections and it works by stopping bacteria from growing, multiplying and increasing in numbers.

Compared to their previous gas supply, which was nitrogen tanks, Allen shares that a nitrogen generator from PEAK is much more cost effective and convenient to have in the lab. Being able to produce nitrogen gas on demand can bring down lab gas supply costs dramatically and increase productivity - it eliminates the continuous deliveries of gas and the safety hazards that come with using cylinders and tanks. Having on-site nitrogen generation is not only safer and more cost efficient but it is also more convenient - labs can get high purity nitrogen gas just at the push of a button.

PEAK's world-class generator care - [PEAK Protected] not only keeps your generator in excellent condition but it also guarantees exceptional performance throughout the generator’s life span and uninterrupted nitrogen generation. It offers peace of mind and hassle-free operation throughout the life of the generator and as Allen comments – “if anything goes wrong we can call and get the support we need”. The generator is the beating heart of a laboratory, without the generator the LC-MS cannot function and ensure optimum results every time.

[PEAK Protected] service plans offer different levels of coverage to fit the needs of each individual lab. Our Premium Plan, for example, offers rapid 24 hours on-site response time in North America, regardless of your location, while the Complete plan guarantees swift response of under 72h. The PEAK team of professionals is always available to assist and answer any questions and our support team offers 24 hour round the clock technical support to solve any problems that customers might have. PEAK's warehouse is also located near Boston in Billerica, MA which guarantees next day shipping for spare parts. Before your plan is due for renewal a member of the [PEAK Protected] team will get in touch 60 days in advance and discuss the different coverage levels and payment options available. What sets us apart from the competition is that [PEAK Protected] guarantees that a PEAK trained field service engineer will come on site to perform a scheduled visit such as preventative nitrogen generator maintenance or a rapid response on-site attendance in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Allen also highlights how knowledgeable and helpful the PEAK team is – the nitrogen generator maintenance only lasted a few hours and the generator was up and running again, minimizing any downtime and letting lab staff focus on what’s most important - their analysis.

PEAK also has FSEs located in over 20 countries across the globe, fully certified and highly skilled, and their dedication is reflected by PEAK's 95% first-time fix rate at the generator location.

PEAK is delighted that we had the opportunity to donate nitrogen generator service plans to the Students 2 Science program and contribute to educating more young students about mass spectrometry. The [PEAK Protected] plan has brought peace of mind to Allen and his team and it has safeguarded their laboratory workflow as they never have to worry about any downtime. The PEAK team are always available and happy to assist, ensuring unrivalled world-class after sales support.


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