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26th June 2018

Navitas Life Sciences recognize Peak's nitrogen generator quality and excellent service

Navitas Life Sciences recognize Peak Scientific nitrogen generator quality and excellent service for over 12 years.

Navitas Life Sciences is a contract research organization which aims to provide end-to-end services and solutions for their clients in the life science market. By bringing together the capabilities of a full-service CRO, a technology-led life sciences services provider across clinical, regulatory and safety, and a life sciences big data services and analytics provider, Navitas can help its clients address and resolve complex issues.



New Infinity XE 5041 nitrogen generator at Navitas Life Sciences India


K V Lakshmi Narayana, Assistant General Manager-Bioanalytical, who works in the Ecron Acunova division of Navitas tells us the reasons behind using Peak laboratory gas generators for 12 years. 

Name: K V Lakshmi Narayana

Job Title: Assistant General Manager - Bioanalytical

Company: Navitas Life Sciences

Country: India



 K V Lakshmi Narayana in the Navitas lab


Typically, what is the focus of your LCMS analysis - what sort of applications?

"Our LC-MS is used for the quantification of small molecules, peptides and proteins."

What Peak Scientific generators do you have in your laboratory and what LCMS instruments do they supply?

"In our lab we have Peak Scientific NM32LA, Genius 3010 and Infinity XE generators which supply nitrogen to our Thermo Discovery Max, Thermo TSQ Ultra, SCIEX 6500+ and Waters Xevo TQ-S Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer."

What prompted you to choose an Infinity XE and how long have you used them?

"We have been using Peak gas generators for the past 12 years and the product quality is excellent. Based on the previous experience with other generators, we have chosen the Infinity XE generators which is perfectly meeting the laboratory nitrogen requirement."

What has been the key benefit of deploying Peak generators for your work ?

"The nitrogen plant was established to meet the nitrogen needs of LCMS and other applicable analytical instruments with the collaboration of Peak Scientific. It is the most cost effective option for our lab."

How would you describe your purchasing experience with Peak in terms of speed of response, ease of ordering, catering for your needs and timing of delivery?

"Peak have been providing excellent service and delivery."

Have you ever had a site visit from a Peak engineer, if so, could you describe your experience of this support?

"Yes, Peak engineers visited to our lab. They are doing an excellent job whenever required."

Would you recommend Peak Scientific generators to other laboratories - and if so, what would be your main reason for the recommendation?

"Yes, product quality, excellent service and a good team to work with."

Navitas Life Sciences have been using Peak generators from the Genius and Infinity XE series to carry out quantification of peptides and proteins for the past 12 years. As K V Lakshmi Narayana has described, the reason for their loyalty to Peak Scientific is that Peak's laboratory nitrogen generators continually deliver quality and suit Navitas' specific laboratory needs. Peak has assisted Navitas with scoping out their lab's nitrogen demands, including assisting in helping to acquire additional storage tanks (as seen in the picture above) to provide the best solution for Navitas. Peak Scientific's global team of dedicated field service engineers located in over 20 countries, have a 97% first visit fix rate. According to K V Lakshmi, the main reasons to recommend Peak generators are the product quality and excellent service provided by Peak's team in India.

Navitas have noticed that the Inifnity XE series offers a more cost effective nitrogen gas supply for their laboratory compared with cylinders and the generator lowers their company's carbon footprint as there is no need for repeated deliveries. Engineered to provide nitrogen to laboratories which already have an external source of air, Infinity is a dependable choice for LC-MS and Sample Evaporators. With a range of flow rates to meet varying gas demands, the Infinity XE series are silent in operation and require minimal set-up.

The Genius series gas generators, which Navitas have also acquired, were designed to be true standalone nitrogen delivery solutions, containing internal air compressors to deliver air to the system in order to produce high purity nitrogen gas. Peak Scientific's best-selling product, the Genius NM32LA, Navitas have been using as well as countless laboratories around the world is the ideal nitrogen gas generator for the majority of LC-MS instruments on the market today.


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