1st March 2024

ININ puts Horizen 24 to the test

We have recently spoken to Nancy Lara Almazán, a Researcher at the National Institute for Nuclear Research, about her experience with her NM32LA generator, but Nancy was also selected to put the newest nitrogen gas generator in PEAK’s catalogue, Horizen 24, to the test.

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The objective of the National Institute for Nuclear Research (ININ) is to carry out research and technological development in the field of nuclear science and technology.

It has a multidisciplinary community of more than 700 people dedicated to research, technological development and innovation in nuclear sciences and technologies with work being carried out in the fields of energy, health, environment, industry and radiological protection.

Typically what is the focus of your LC-MS analysis - what sort of applications?

Analysis of radiopharmaceuticals, environmental biomarkers and degradation of emerging pollutants, mainly.

What LC-MS instrument make and model does your Horizen 24 supply?

Acquity UPLC system, H-Class with QDa mass detector, Waters Corporation

What are the top 3 benefits Horizen 24 brings to your lab?

Provides stability to the mass detector and it allows the operation of QDa for a long time.

What has been the key advantage of deploying Horizen 24 as opposed to your previous gas supply solution?

The facility of the operation and besides keeps the nitrogen supply to the QDa constant, without pressure variation.

Please describe Horizen 24's size in comparison with other gas supplies you have used. For example cylinders, bulk gas or other generators.

The size is small and practical to keep in the lab without sophisticated installations

Please describe what impact Horizen 24 has had on your lab's energy and air conditioning use.

The operation of the Horizon 24 does not imply excessive energy consumption and neither does it require the use of air conditioning for its proper functioning.

Do you have any other PEAK gas generator models in your lab? Please detail which models.

We already have a PEAK nitrogen generator: the Genius NM32LA.

Have you ever had a site visit from a PEAK engineer in relation to any of your generators, if so, could you describe your experience of this support?

We had operated our PEAK generator for nearly 8 years without the need for some kind of support, after this time we only requested preventive maintenance, the attention was quick, the service was made in one day and the equipment was working perfectly.

Would you recommend PEAK Scientific generators to other laboratories - and if so, what would be your main reason for the recommendation?

Of course, I recommend the PEAK Scientific generators because they are very efficient equipment, that does not present continuous failures, they perform the function for which they are designed, and they maintain the required and stable nitrogen pressure for the perfect operation of the QDa mass detector, they are small, not very noisy and easy to operate.

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The Trinity of Horizen 24

We can confidently say, that after thorough testing, Horizen 24 is able to offer three impressive benefits. The Horizen 24 can help your lab:

Save space: One of the standout features of the Horizen 24 is its streamlined design. Unlike its predecessors, the Horizen 24 has a smaller footprint while providing better nitrogen.

Save money: With Horizen's innovative energy management systems, coupled with patent-pending heat optimization, Horizen will reduce not only your lab's electricity bills but also the demands on your site's air conditioning and temperature control systems.

Save the planet: With lower energy consumption than any other gas generator on the market, Horizen offers a sustainable solution that helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Horizen 24 nitrogen gas generator

What’s on the Horizen?

Our team of engineers have introduced several new technologies to the Horizen 24 to make it our most efficient gas generator to date in the smallest footprint possible.

Dedicated Internal Compressor: PEAK-designed compressor technology reduces power consumption by up to 55% in comparison to the equivalent PEAK generator which optimizes gas delivery while reducing heat output in your lab.

Heat Optimization Technology: Protecting the membrane from water droplets and enhancing performance and reliability in the gas stream, the Heat Optimization Technology in Horizen 24 is a space-saving, cost-effective, unique component designed by PEAK Scientific. This helps labs achieve ultra-dry nitrogen for your LC-MS analysis.

Nancy at ININ has not only benefited from a PEAK gas generator that was already in her lab, she has also seen the difference Horizen can make when compared to the original NM32LA generator that was previously in use.

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