Bruce Peat

7th November 2016

Almac use Precision Hydrogen generator for GC detector gas

Name: Gareth Brown

Job Title: Technical Leader

Company: Almac


ALMAC Peak Scientific user story

Almac headquarters, Craigavon, UK


Almac lab efficiency increased with Peak Hydrogen generator

Almac are an integrated service provider for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets including R&D, biomarkers, API manufacturing and formulation development. A global company with offices in every continent and over 250 analytical scientists, Almac’s laboratory functions are widespread and varied within their market.

Gareth Brown, Technical Leader at Almac’s headquarters in Craigavon Northern Ireland, has been using a Peak Precision gas generator to provide detector gas for his GC. When asked about his experience of using a Peak gas generator he had this to say:

Typically, what is the focus of your GC analysis - what sort of applications?

“We use our Peak generator for Chiral GC analysis.” 

What Peak Scientific generators do you have in your laboratory and what GC instruments do they supply?

“We have a Precision Hydrogen generator supplying detector gas for GC.” 

What prompted you to choose a Peak generator and how long have you used them?

Competitive pricing was the key factor. We have used it in our lab for two years now. 

What has been the key benefit of deploying Peak generators as opposed to your previous gas supply solution?

Convenience and safety were the key benefits as we no longer need a hydrogen supply line installation and we no longer need to use cylinders.” 

Have you ever had a site visit from a Peak engineer, if so, could you describe your experience of this support?

“No, we have never required a site visit from a Peak engineer in the two years we have had the gas generator equipment.” 

Would you recommend Peak Scientific generators to other laboratories - and if so, what would be your main reason for the recommendation?

“Yes, gas generators are convenient and easy to use in comparison to alternative methods of gas supply.”


Gareth’s story is a typical one where a laboratory has looked to increase efficiency and remove cumbersome and time consuming bulk gas supply from their lab. Having to change over cylinders during analysis or install large systems to provide gas, gives labs unnecessary and disruptive hassle, especially when a gas generator is an option for supplying their laboratory instruments instead.

By removing their reliance on a hydrogen supply line and gas cylinders, the laboratory technicians at Almac now have a safer working environment as they no longer need to manoeuvre cylinders around the lab or worry about potentially dangerous gas leaks (Peak’s gas generators come with leak detection and auto shutdown features as standard). With Peak’s Precision Hydrogen generator installed for their GC analysis, the lab at Almac’s HQ can rely on a constant and consistent source of carrier gas for their GC instrument removing hassle from the lab and allowing Gareth Brown and his colleagues to focus on their work.

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