11th June 2018

Who won our #ASMSyoyo competition?

The lucky winner will receive an iPad!

The PEAK Scientific team had a great time at ASMS 2018 in San Diego last week. One of the highlights was was watching all of the entries into our #ASMSyoyo competition. The competitors had to 'walk the dog' using a PEAK yoyo and then post a video of them doing this to social media using the hashtag #ASMSyoyo. 

There were some great entries which you can see for yourself below:

Twitter entries








Facebook entries

Posted by Carolina Fernández Costa

Posted by Finnur Freyr Eiriksson


WINNER – Anthony Schilmiller from Michigan State University

Congratulations to our winner Anthony Schilmiller, who will receive an iPad, 2017 model!

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