5th June 2018

When only exceptional will do

Discover our newest product, Genius XE, the most advanced nitrogen generator on the market today.

Built upon decades of innovation in gas generation for the lab, Genius XE sets a new benchmark in performance and confidence. With increasingly sensitive applications and demands on productivity, we know you can’t afford to compromise on instrument gas. This is why we have designed Genius XE specifically to provide on-demand gas for high performance analytical applications, such as triple-quadrupole LC-MS.

Genius XE generators combine everything proven successful in our  best-selling Genius line (launched 2010) with new technologies and design principles, aimed at delivering greater performance, and giving end-users in the lab more confidence and convenience. Featuring Multi-Stage Purification™ and innovative ECO technology (Electronic Compressor Optimization™), Genius XE delivers exceptional quality and reliability to meet the needs of even the most demanding laboratories.


Genius XE Features



This smaller and quieter range of generators (Genius XE 35 and Genius XE 70) deliver up to 35 and 70 liters per minute of nitrogen gas respectively, at purities up to 99.5%.

Watch the video below to learn how Genius XE gives you exceptional, every day.



Genius XE delivers exceptional benefits, including:


Built to exacting standards in our high-tech UK manufacturing facility, Genius XE gives you 24/7 365 nitrogen on-demand.


Using our latest technology gives you confidence in analytical accuracy and the peace of mind of having a global leader in your lab.


Smaller, more discrete, and easier to use than ever before thanks to PeakOS™, Genius XE is the ultimate solution for zero-stress nitrogen gas in the lab.


With flexible flow rates and purity up to 99.5%, Genius XE is a versatile solution for various instrument gas needs including LC-MS, ELSD or sample evaporators.

Peace of mind

Genius XE generators come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty as standard*


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*Year 2 of warranty subject to generator being serviced at end of year 1 by a Peak-approved agent in accordance with fixed annual maintenance schedule.


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