12th February 2018

What does Corona mean to you?

If you heard the word 'Corona', what would you think of first? Beer? A crown? A solar corona? Maybe something else entirely?

At PEAK Scientific 'Corona' brings two things instantly to mind; Thermo Scientific's Corona Veo Charged Aerosol Detector, and the Corona 1010 Nitrogen Generator, a dedicated gas solution from PEAK designed specifically for the Thermo Scientific instrument. 

Corona™ Veo™ Charged Aerosol Detector and Corona Nitrogen 1010

Corona™ Veo™ Charged Aerosol Detector and Corona 1010 Nitrogen Generator

The Corona 1010, suitable primarily for Charged Aerosol Detectors, will meet the demands of labs requiring high-purity nitrogen for their applications. Delivering a high-purity nitrogen supply at flows of up to 5l/min at 80psi, the Corona 1010 can be purchased as a single nitrogen unit for laboratories with an external air supply or with a stackable air compressor for laboratories without an external air supply.

The Corona system is also suitable for a variety of other Charged Aerosol Detectors and other applications, requiring up to 5 l/min nitrogen for LC, HPLC or UHPLC, and due to its space saving design, it can fit seamlessly into any laboratory.


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