21st March 2019

We've been fundraising for Breast Cancer Care!

Breast Cancer Care Banner

For 3 days last week, PEAK HQ was a hive of fundraising activity, kicking-off our fundraising efforts with a cycling challenge on Wednesday. Set-up in our reception area, participants donated £5 each to take turns seeing how far a distance they could cycle in 15 minutes. The competition was fierce, with some people even having multiple tries, and making multiple donations, in order to try and beat their rivals. It wasn't long before a live scoreboard was set up as everyone really got into the spirit of the challenge.

Cycling for Breast Cancer Care

On Thursday we were still going strong with the cycling challenge but we also had a bake-sale, providing some sweet energy for our hardworking cyclists, and some treats for their audience.


With the cycling challenge complete on Friday, we ended the week in style with a dress-down day. All of PEAK HQ participated and donated £2 each to Breast Cancer Care.

The lively and fun atmosphere of the 3 fundraising days was a great reward for our efforts, which helped  to raise over £1000! Our Chairman and CEO also made generous donations, bringing our total raised to £1,614.53. We would like to thank one of our suppliers who also participated in our cycling challenge when they were visiting our HQ and  generously donated £100.

We are very glad that we are able to support Breast Cancer Care with our donation. The charity supports people with breast cancer by providing breast care nurses and support groups, as well as raising awareness about breast cancer and campaigning for better breast cancer care.

Cycling for Breast Cancer Care

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