Bruce Peat

14th September 2017

There is a Genius inside this box

PEAK Scientific's Genius nitrogen generator packaging has been named as a finalist for an award.

At this year's UK Packaging Awards, PEAK Scientific and packaging supplier, Macfarlane Packaging, have been named as a finalist for the Supply Chain Solution of the Year award.

Peak Scientific Genius nitrogen generator packagin

Diagram of packaging design

The packaging used for all of our generators has been through a rigorous design and testing process to ensure that our generators arrive at our customer's labs in pristine condition. To do this, we had to make sure that packaging was designed to be robust and user friendly.

With customers on every continent and thousands of generators sold each year, the packaging for Genius laboratory nitrogen generators needed to be able to withstand different climates, temperature and atmosphere changes. Furthermore, the packaging had to be able to handle any accidents which could occur during delivery and protect the generator within.

Upon arrival at a laboratory, the packaging is designed to communicate the best way to open the box and how to register the product's fully comprehensive warranty. The image below shows how the packaging has been developed with a ramp to allow the laboratory gas generator to be safely positioned in the lab without requiring laboratory technicians to lift the product (as they would do if cylinders are present in the lab). 

PEak Scientific Genius Packaging

Diagram of packaging with ramp

As a result of this packaging redesign, PEAK Genius generators are now being shipped in material which is 50% lighter as well as reducing the impact and shock on the product in transit. 

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PEAK Scientific is constantly looking at innovative ways to improve our product offering for our customers. This is why we are your local gas generation partner. At PEAK Scientific, striving for improvement goes beyond the product itself, it includes all aspects of customer relationship from the out of box experience to the unmatched global on-site service we deliver. This is encompassed by our service being awarded a royal accolade and in our brand promise.

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