23rd October 2019

As we approach the end of 2019, we’re looking back at this year’s achievements, and our 500-employee milestone is one that tops the list, highlighting our continued success as a global leader in pioneering laboratory gas generator technology.

The Road to 500 - Employees at Peak

Peak Scientific has come a long way since the business first set up shop in a small town in rural Scotland. Just over 20 years ago, Peak started out with 20 employees. Fast forward to 2010, and Peak picked up a steady pace in the laboratory gas generator market, which saw the employee head count reach 100 across offices in Scotland, North America, India and parts of Africa.

Following a strategic plan to grow the business from 2010 onwards, Peak has now gained presence in every continent, creating more and more job opportunities around the innovation, design and manufacture of nitrogen and hydrogen gas generators in the laboratory gas generator market.

The organic expansion of the 500-employee headcount holds a special place at the heart of the business. As we target further growth, we open doors to more career opportunities, including roles which could not even have been imagined back in 2010, attracting high calibre employees who uphold the enthusiasm we seek for the continued success in our service and the quality of our products.

Joining the 500 - Working at Peak Scientific

Operating in a fiercely competitive laboratory gas generator market for more than two decades, we have invested in a strong collaborative culture. As the business continues to expand, we meet new challenges which help us thrive in creating new goals for Peak. With these new goals and strategies come a variety of career opportunities and continued recruitment, attracting new talent from across the globe.

Peak Values

// Respect customer, supplier, colleague

// Freedom with responsibility

// Restless constantly striving to improve

// Fun & Passion in everything we do

We believe our strong network of committed employees is at the centre of Peak. Our people’s enthusiasm and determination are a major driving force in the development of new global strategies and continuous improvement, all to better serve our international customer base.


Interested in a career at Peak?    


Surpassing the 500th employee mark is a badge of honor for all at Peak, as a strong global team with a true passion for and commitment to the growth of the business. With more job opportunities on the horizon, we look forward to welcoming more outstanding talent at Peak Scientific. Here’s to reaching 1000.

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